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Meet Brodie


Yesterday I got up at 3am to head to the airport for a very special trip to Victoria to meet this cute little boy.  He is the newest member of our family.  He is an English type Golden Retriever and I am in love!!!  There were 11 puppies in the litter but by the time I got to the breeder’s home all of them had already been picked up by their new families.  There were only 3 left in the house, a little boy and girl that she was keeping for her breeding program and our little boy.  We got black boy….also known as “the bruiser”.  She picked him for me because he is a very active little boy and needed an experienced family to manage all that energy.  Yikes!!!



I got to enjoy the day hanging out with the puppies and then flew back last night.  When I got to the Victoria airport all the Westjet ticket agents were swooning over that cute face.  They had seen so many puppies leaving in the last two days that they immediately recognized him as another one from the same litter.  He was so pooped that he fell asleep on a chair in the departure lounge.


He was wonderful on the flight back to Edmonton….except for one small problem….farting.  It was so bad that I thought he may have pooped in his carrier.  The women beside me got mad at her husband because she thought he was the culprit.  We all had a good giggle when I told her it was Brodie.

I finally got to bed just after midnight.  Our first night wasn’t too bad.  I only had to take him out once but he was wide awake at 6am.   Needless to say, I am wiped today. Here is the whole 4-legged family.




He has already had a busy morning and is now crashed on the kitchen floor…I wish I could join him for a nap.


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4th Quarter Finish-a-Long

I took a break and skipped out on the 3rd quarter so I am primed and ready to commit to finishes for the final quarter of Leanne’s finish-a-long (FAL).

I am going to try and finish a whopping 8 (Update 2013OCT11) 13 projects. Most of them are quilt tops waiting to be quilted .

First, I have two Christmas present projects that are in the piecing phase. Both are lap quilts that I hope the recipients will enjoy.  Can’t give too many details or pictures in case they see my post.


Next I have two quilt tops from the Quiltessential Co. 2012 block of the month program.  I did the blocks in two colour ways: Blues and Opera.  They both need to be sandwiched, quilted and bound so that they will be ready for the quilt show in early January.

2012BOMBJan Opera2

Then I have Leftovers I (trim and bind) and Leftovers II (sandwich, quilt and bind).

LeftoversQuilt1 leftoversII

My Kimono wall hanging is still waiting to be quilted.  I think it was on my Quarter 2 list but never got any attention.


I still have the first quilt top that I ever made. It is waiting for the last piece of the border to be sewn on and then comes the fun part…FMQ.


(Update: 2013Oct11) And last but not least I have volunteered to free motion quilt 5 tops for the High River Quilt Project (read more about it here).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Boy this is a big list but I’ve got faith that I can make a significant dent in my pile of quilt tops waiting for some free motion loving.

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Many new firsts for Tilly

Today was a big day for little Tilly.  This morning, bright and early, I took her to meet our Vet and get her 3rd set of shots.  She did really well, with just one small cry when he stuck the needle in.   She weighs a whopping 2.8 kg.  That means that she has only gained .1 kg in the last three weeks.  She was a big hit in the office and one of the Vet techs took her in the back so that everyone could oooh and ahhh over her.

We got Dr. Scott’s blessing to take her on her first trip to the off-leash park.  I wanted to go at a quiet time so that her initial visit wouldn’t be overwhelming with all the dogs and people.  She was true to her Cavalier heritage and was a complete social butterfly.  She had to run off and meet every dog and every human.  I was really proud of her.  She even managed to come back when she was called.

Then it was off to Don’s office to meet his co-workers.  She was pretty tired from all the running at the off-leash park so she was on her best behaviour.  They all smooched her up.  It turned out to be a very long day for wee Tilly.  We left the house at 8am and didn’t get home until 2:30pm.

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Happy Easter

We hope that the Easter bunny hid some tasty treats for you to fill your basket with!

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Another life lesson for Tilly

I am laughing so hard that the tears are running down my face.   Poor Tilly just learned another life lesson the hard way.  I’ve been in the den getting caught up on emails for the last hour or so.  I looked around to see where Tilly was and I saw her curled up and sleeping with Tango.  She had positioned herself between Tango’s tail and her hind legs and she had her muzzle parked in Tango’s butt.   I mean she was  literally nose to rectum.  I quietly grabbed my camera and took this picture all the while thinking what a crazy place to sleep.

Then I hear the all to familiar sound that most dog owners can relate to……pheewt….Tango has farted and its a whopper.  It takes a couple of seconds….but poor Tilly’s peaceful sleep has been rudely interrupted and she is shaking her head and snorting her nose trying to figure out what happened.   Ok….I admit it…..I’m like a child when it comes to flatulence…..it just cracks me up.   I’m still laughing and having trouble typing this out.   Life in the dog house……you’ve gotta love it!

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Nurse Tilly

Don has been convalescing at home this week.  Not to worry…..he has had Nurse Tilly to keep him company.  Here is a series of pictures of her snuggling and keeping a watchful eye on her patient.

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Tilly loves rawhide

We gave Tilly her first piece of rawhide.  She wasn’t sure whether it was more fun to eat or play with it.  She learned a valuable life lesson though.  If you live in a multi-dog household, and you leave your rawhide unattended…someone will steal it!

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