Angel or Devil???

These two pictures perfectly capture Tilly’s dual personality.  When our little Tilly is sweet….she is very sweet.  She cuddles and licks and loves to be smooched……..but……when our little Tilly is bad…..she is really bad!   She jumps and bites and races around like a possessed devil.   The good news is that the sweet times are more frequent than the devil child times.


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3 responses to “Angel or Devil???

  1. Love the little angel!

  2. Sue

    that first picture is just far toooooo cute for words, it would win a prize anywhere! We are now the owners or Lexi as she bonded with me and would NOT do anything for mom, pooped and peed everywhere, would not eat or drink…so, we are in puppy land too ( but Lexi is 17 months going on 4 months it seems…lol)

    Puppy smooches to you too!

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