You VS 2020 May Update

I can’t believe I hit the 800 km mark and I moved up into the top 4%.  Baring any injuries (knock on wood), I looks like I should have no problem reaching the 1020KM mark by the end of the year.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.08.56 AM

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Puppy play date

We have a beautiful 16 week old Shepherd cross puppy in our neighbourhood. Brodie and Nala play together so nicely I could just watch them all day.

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We are Sniffing Again

Corona_CWAGSWe went to our first nose work trial since March.  It was a C-WAGS trial hosted by See Spot Run Doggy Daycare.  It was so nice to be around our “dog people” again.  It was a small trial and everyone was very careful to practice social distancing.  The host had everything setup so that you didn’t have to touch any surface or door and you could get in, search and leave the building without coming into close contact with anyone.  Really well organized.  We haven’t done any CWAGS practices and only one SDDA in two months so I was very surprised to see how well they just jumped back into the Sport. The dogs  qualified in 6 out of 6 searches.  Spirit did a Level 1 Ranger, two Level 2 and one Level 3 search.  Brodie did a Level 1 Ranger and a Level 3 search.  Big thanks to our Judges, volunteers and fellow search teams for a great day.

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Cheezie Afternoon


Look at all the dogs focused on Don’s cheezie with puddles of drool falling from their jowls.

I love throwing goodies for Spirit to catch.  She is such a piggy that she overreacts and misses all the time.   Brodie on the other hand rarely misses no matter how bad the throw is.  This is a great slow motion video of one of Spirit’s epic fails.

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Basil from my Tower

Basil the size of my hand. I’m just amazed at what wonderful crops my tower garden has produced in such a short time. It made for some delicious bruschetta for dinner tonight


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Week 7 Unity Update

Well this week we took the 272 half square triangles we made last week and added a bunch of 2-1/2 inch squares to build 34 8-1/2 pinwheel blocks to add to our quilt. It now measures 80.5 x 72.5

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Week 6 Unity Update

This week Bonnie Hunter took pity on us, sort of. When I started reading the instructions, I gasped out load when I read that we had to make 272 half square triangles. The good news is that we aren’t making any blocks with these HSTs until next week.


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