Thank You Chris

We have the most wonderful and generous neighbour. We both have pie shaped lots with very small front yards so whenever I mow our lawn I just do our neighbours as well and when we have big dumps of snow we help shovel her driveway. No big deal just being neighbourly. She started sharing her lovely home cooked Chinese dinners. She was so thrilled that we enjoyed her food that she started feeding us every Friday. As grateful as we are, we have been trying to get her to stop feeding us. Groceries are so expensive now and a weekly mow or occasional snow shovelling doesn’t warrant weekly meals. Finally last week we got her to agree to only once a month.

I still felt that we needed to thank her for her generosity so I asked her what her favourite colours were. Soft blue, black and white. I made this lap quilt to show her how grateful we are.

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Charity Quilt

Our guild makes baby and children’s quilts and donates them to a local women’s shelter. This is my latest donation. I wanted something colourful and cheerful. I hope the child who gets it feels comforted by it.

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New Title for Brodie

This handsome super sniffer just got his CWAGS CW-SSSA Scent Super Sleuth Ace ribbon. Big thanks to Anneli Hilton (you have the most beautiful ribbons) See Spot Run Doggy Daycare & Training Inc and all the amazing Judges (Deb Proc Robbi Bitner Mark Eckley Christina) and volunteers. Not to be outshone by her brother, Spirit the photo bomber earned two Level 4 Q’s tonight.

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2023 CQA National Show

Just got the news this morning that my 2 art quilts were juried into the Canadian Quilt Association National juried show. To say that I am excited and overwhelmed would be an understatement. Then, this afternoon I was told that when the Best of Canadian Quilts exhibit finishes at the New England Quilt Museum they want to bring the show to CQA in Halifax and hang it there. That means I will have 3 art pieces at the show. It’s unbelievable. As much as I hate flying, I really want to go to Halifax and actually see something that I made hang there.

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Lamb-chop Love

I could watch him play all day long. He knows when he starts rolling around upside down it will entice me to engage with him.

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Quilts of Valour

I started this charity quilt prior to COVID but put it aside when I started getting into online zoom art quilt classes with amazing instructors around the world. 2023 is my year of catching up and finishing outstanding projects. I am happy to say this is my 4th UFO finish

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Lucy’s Journey

Through Lucy’s Eye

In 2021 I made this art quilt of Lucy and I entered it into the Canadian Quilters Association (CQA) national juried show. I was thrilled to learn that it was juried into the 2021 CQA Show. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the in-person show was cancelled and replaced with a virtual show so I never got the opportunity to see it hang on the show floor.

This summer I received at email from CQA informing me that they were compiling a selection of juried entries into a “Best of Quilting in Canada”collection and they wanted to include my piece. The quilts would be exhibited in the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) in Lowell, Massachusetts, from January 17 to May 9, 2023. Needless to say, I was shocked and thrilled.

All of the selected quilts are also featured in the 2023 spring edition of Canadian Quilters Magazine.

Those who know me well know that the 5 years that I was blessed to be able to volunteer at the zoo were very special to me. Of course my favourite was Lucy. She has captured my heart and soul. The only reason I made this piece was so that I could see her face and soulful eyes everyday because COVID brought an abrupt and heartbreaking end to my time at the zoo.

If anyone knows someone who lives near the museum I can’t tell you how special it would be to have a picture of her hanging in the exhibit.

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Happy New Year

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Tribute to Mom

Yesterday we got the very sad news that Brodie’s Mom Ceilidh crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly and much too young. Our hearts go out to our breeder Shannon. We also received a bunch of CKC mail for Brodie which is a fitting tribute to his wonderful Mom.

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Spirit is a Master Champion Again

Today Spirit received her Sporting Detection Dog Association Master Champion 2 title (SD-MACH2). She earned it at the Mojave Dog Sports trial on September 4th. She is the only Bernese Mountain Dog and the 7th dog to ever achieve this title. The best part is that 9 of the 10 titles required to earn a MACH2 were gold level titles meaning a score of 96% or better. For anyone who knows Spirit, this is quite an accomplishment. She does not necessarily love to do nosework but she does love to get treats.

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Xmas Countdown Has Begun

Day 1

They have been staring at this box for more than a month now. The time has finally come to open Day 1 of their Doggy Advent Calendar. Looks like freeze dried lung and it was a big hit.

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Happy Barkday Spirit

It is hard to believe that Spirit is already 8 years old. It is even harder to think about the fact that the average life span of a Bernese Mountain Dog is 8-9 years. Yikes!!!

Spirit got 2nd in Class at the 2022 Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty in Calgary
Tailspin’s Winter Themed litter 2014NOV29
11 weeks old (2015FEB14)

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Rally-O here we come again

It has been over 4 years since the last time the dogs and I participated in Rally Obedience. In fact, Brodie was 18 months old when we last trialed. This past weekend we took a big leap of faith and participated in the Lloydminster Kennel Club’s fall trial. Brodie’s very first Rally trial was in Lloydminster when he was only 7 months old.

My goal for this weekend was to have each dog earn their Advanced title. I am thrilled to say that not only did they meet my goal they exceeded it. Brodie Q’d in 3 of 4 runs, earning his Rally Advanced title and 2 Q’s towards his Rally Excellent. He also had a perfect score of 100 on his first run and a high in class (HIC). His NQ was completely my fault, I had a total brain fart melt down and failed him miserably.

Spirt was the big star this weekend. She Q’d in all 4 runs, earned her Rally Advanced title, 2 Excellent Q’s and 3 HIC. We went home with $80 in prize money for the 4 HIC.

There were a group of Berner breeders sitting together near the Rally ring. When Spirit was strutting her stuff around the Rally ring one of the breeders asked “Any one know who’s dog that is? She is a wonderful performance dog”. It just so happens that Spirit’s breeder, Tailspin Bernese Mountain Dogs, was in the group and she took great pleasure in saying “Why yes I do know who that is, she is one of my dogs”. A proud breeder moment brought to you by my big, shiny, black and beautiful girl.

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Fall in Edmonton

Took the dogs for a much deserved off-leash run this morning. Although Edmonton’s fall colour consists primarily of shades of gold, there are a few trees and shrubs that turn a magnificent red or orange. Stopped for a photo shoot to capture the brilliance.

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Coppermoon Meetup

We had a wonderful Coppermoon family reunion this morning. Brother and sister Brodie and Cricket, Felix (Cricket’s son) and Dolly (a niece from Brodie’s sister Maddie). They all got along famously and ended the visit with a lovely swim.
(L-R Dolly, Brodie, Felix and Cricket)

Brother and Sister

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Lucky Elite #7

Once Brodie earned his SDDA (Sporting Detection Dogs Association) Elite Championship and Grand Master Championship I hadn’t planned to trial him anymore. Well plans change. Since Spirit was still working towards completing her SD-MACH2 and we were still attending trials, I decided to let him continue to play since he loves it so much. Much to my surprise he earned his 6th title in July and today his 7th. That’s his 4th Elite title this year compared the very long drought (2.5 years) between #3 and #4. He really loves this game.

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Spirit is a Master Champion again!

I have been really bad about posting about our trialing adventures lately but this one is a big deal. My big shiny black girl did a thing today. Spirit earned her SD-MACH2 with 9 of the 10 titles in her second MACH at the gold level (scent detection master champion x2 which requires a combination of 20 advanced and excellent titles). She is the first Bernese Mountain Dog to earn this title and, according to the latest published stats, she is the 7th dog to have ever achieved it. I have to admit that I was beginning to wonder if she would ever earn this title. She is not a speedy searcher so we have timed out numerous times. 

Thank you to Judge Doug Teeft and all the amazing folks at Mojave Dog Sports. I would not have this funny goofy girl without Coreen Johnson and Steve Johnson of Tailspin Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

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Disc Dog

This weekend we attended an UpDog seminar to learn how to play 2 games: Throw ‘N Go and 4 Way Play. My throwing skills are slowly improving. I’m lucky that I have a smart fast dog who can make up for my inaccuracy. Brodie had an amazing catch in 4 way play. We had a few seconds left when he caught a frisbee in the 3 point zone. I quickly threw one into the 2 zone and he ran there still with the frisbee in his mouth. My soft mouth boy managed to catch a second frisbee in his mouth, without dropping either, just as the time ran out. Unfortunately one of the instructors stepped in front of Don while he was filming so you can’t see the amazing catch but you can hear everyone cheering. We did get a video of a successful catch in throw ‘n go.

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New Favourite Toy

Auntie Dawn gave Brodie a new spiky squeaky ball. To say he loves it would be an understatement. He plays with it by himself and he will come and find me to ask me to engage with him and his new ball

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A New Blood Donor

Brodie made his first donation to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB). He did so well in a strange environment with 4 students holding him down. He is continuing the legacy of Wally who donated blood regularly until he was 10 years old.

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We spent this weekend at Prairie Dog Sports’ Barn Hunt trial. Although we’ve done some local barn dog trials, we haven’t been to a Barn Hunt trial since before COVID. Our weekend didn’t start out great but it ended with a bang. Although he Q’d in every Crazy 8 run we NQ’d in 3/5 Open runs. Sunday morning things started to click. We got our final Open qualifier to earn our RATO title. Brodie finished 1st in the large dog category and 1st in class. For our last run of the day we moved up to Senior. He was awesome and got 1st in the large dog category and 1st in class again. I am over the moon proud of how he managed to control his over excitement and hunt so well. We came home with a mitt full of ribbons and swag.

Big thanks to everyone at Prairie Dog Sports, Judge Christina Benishin, all the amazing hard working volunteers and my fellow barn hunt enthusiasts who support one another and find joy in each other’s success and share in our ‘oh so close’ moments.

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Elite #4

It has been a very long drought for us but I am so thrilled that we earned our 4th SDDA Elite title today. Even better than that, my normally “chicken sh!t” dog amazed me by not only jumping on a table but he climbed up on a tractor and even on an open grate spiky metal platform. I couldn’t be more proud of him. Big thanks to Kristina of Little Nose That Knows, our Judge Kelly Ladouceur, the volunteers and my fellow competitors for cheering us on.

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Spirit Got Mail

I think CKC may be finally getting caught up on all of their outstanding performance titles. In stark contrast, CWAGS issues titles within weeks of them being earned.

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You VS 2021 Wrap Up

Well my mileage for this year was way down from last year but even with all my injuries this year I still managed to beat the challenge and end up in the top 7%. Hopefully 2022 will be a better year for my old body.

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Happy 12th Birthday Tilly

Time is going by so quickly it seems. It is hard to believe that she was born 12 years ago. She was the cutest puppy.

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Rosie Roo

As I continue my art quilt journey I am always in search of my next muse. Meet Rosie-Roo, the sweetest, shiniest Cane Corso you could ever hope to meet. This was my inspiration photo.

Just to challenge myself even more, I bought myself a Cricut and learned how to cut all the pieces electronically rather than by hand. Too many years of being an IT geek have left my hands and wrists in pretty bad shape.

I did a lot of thread painting to not only enhance the portrait but to also help blend all the different values of red together.

I surprised Rosie’s Mom this morning when I delivered the quilt. There were tears and hugs. A few weeks ago I had asked her what her favourite colours were but she had no idea why I asked or what I was doing.


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First Puppacinno

I think they like it. LOL

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Urban Tracker

So Spirit did a thing today. I’m so incredibly proud of her for passing her CKC Urban Tracking Dog test (UTD) today at almost 7 years old. It wasn’t pretty and she struggled for a very long time at her second corner but ultimately we made it to the magical leather glove at the end. Thank you to our amazing Judge Donna Brinkworth, our track layer and friend extraordinaire Susan Dueck, my training partner Leslie and our coach/trainer Mary Ann. And of course thank you Coreen and Steve of Tailspin Bernese for sharing this big, shiny, goofy black girl with me.

Our amazing volunteer track layer and friend Susan

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Sprucing Up

Brodie is feeling sorry for the himself. A bath, trim and mani/pedi to make him handsome for volunteering at #Muttstock. He much prefers eau de parfum “stinky dog” 😂😆

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Parkour for Nosework?

Two paws up on an unstable surface

Brodie and I took an Intro to Parkour workshop today. I learned that he is a whole lot more confident/brave outside than he is climbing on stuff inside. I was shocked how quickly he took on each challenge. I am hoping I can transfer this confidence to his interior nosework searches. In SDDA Elite searches dogs need to be able to search up to 4 feet above a stable surface.

Four paws up
Two paws up
Through a narrow opening

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