2012 BOM Opera

Update 2015April26: This quilt won first place at the QuiltEssential BOM Quilt show.

I decided to try the Block of the Month program at Quiltesstential Co again in 2012.  I increased the challenge by doing it in 2 different colour ways.  This is the first one called Opera.  It is made up of a selection of prints in brown, blue and green with an Asian flair to some of them.  I loved the fabrics but once we started making the blocks, and they were cut up into small pieces, I thought the beauty of the fabric was lost.


Once the 12 blocks were done I really didn’t like them.  They were too traditional and I wasn’t interested in investing even more money to put them into a finished quilt.

And then I saw some quilts on Pinterest that got my creative juices flowing.  I grabbed some large sheets of graph paper and came up with a design to incorporate these 12 blocks into a finished quilt.  Here is my design.


It required me to make hundreds of 1″ half square triangles (HST) and about 160 3″ HST.  Talk about a make work project.  Here is a pile of just a small sample of the HSTs that I had to make.  I don’t know what took longer…cutting each HST or pressing each one of them.


I forgot to take pictures of the quilt as I was assembling it on my design wall and I didn’t take any pictures of the finished quilt top.    I did manage to find this one picture that happened to have this quilt in the background.


When I loaded the quilt on the frame I had no idea how I wanted to finish it.  I decided to just wing it and quilt each of the 12 blocks with whatever inspired me when I got to each one of them.  I chose a feather motif for the cream sashing and a swirl pebble for the  brown.  My new challenge was to try and incorporate some ruler work for the first time.  I found it both challenging and helpful in different parts of the quilt.


Here is each block before and after it was quilted. The goal was to have the quilting enhance each block………did I achieve that goal???













Here are a few pictures of Opera on the frame in various stages of quilting:

Opera_fmq4 Opera_frame1 Opera_frame2 Opera_frame4

And here she is all finished:




One response to “2012 BOM Opera

  1. This quilt pattern has so much movement!!! Thank you for resharing it at Tuesday Archives!!!

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