Leftovers III

Back in 2011  I started collecting turquoise blue and brown fabrics for my Blue Odyssey Quilt.


I ended up cutting up way more fabric than I needed.  As a result, I had piles of left over strips and little pieces.



First I made ‘Leftovers I’ with more than one thousand 1-3/8″ x 2-1/2″ tiny rectangles.


Then came Leftovers II.  For this one I tackled the pile of 1-1/2 inch strips.


This time I tackled the pile of 1-1/4 inch strips (#scraptastictuesday ).  I saw this quilt on Pinterest and used it as the inspiration for my design.


I strip pieced like a crazy women to come up with my 6″ blocks  of alternating printed fabric with a cream fabric.  Each little square is only 3/4 of an inch finished so it took 32 of them to make a single block.  I don’t recommend working with such tiny strips unless you are looking for a time consuming task that will keep your mind off of other things.


I couldn’t believe how long it took just to complete the centre of my quilt.

I love how it turned out but I wanted to add a lot more “white space” in the rest of the quilt top to leave some room for detailed quilting.


I definitely had fun and some frustration quilting this one.  I purposely went in with no pre-planning at all.  I wanted to challenge myself to look at the quilt and just go with what inspired me.  I used  straight lines, crosshatching, feathers and dense background quilting.







And of course no quilt would be complete without a picture of Tilly snuggled up in it while I hand sew on the binding.




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