Blue Odyssey

This quilt was inspired by a wall hanging I saw in an old edition of Quilt Mania.  I decided to make it into a King size quilt.  It took me months to purchase all the fabric.  Every time I went to a quilt shop or show I would look for  blue and brown fabrics.  Here are a couple of pictures of some of the fabrics that were used:

DarkColours LightColours

It took forever to cut strips from each fabric and then cut them into over a thousand tiny rectangles:


Then I randomly took 5 small rectangles and assembled them into strips.  I mass produced the strips and then assembled them into blocks:



And here is the finished quilt.  Since it was so linear I decided to quilt it with a circular design.



One response to “Blue Odyssey

  1. Sue

    OMG DEBS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>that thing is crazy……wow…..had no idea how intricate til I looked ath all the pieces close up….damn girl….

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