My Quilts

I took my first introductory quilting class in the summer of 2009 and just fell in love.  To read more about each quilt and to see more pictures,  click on the link to the right of each thumbnail.

2020 Finishes

img_5814 Blankets of Love

2019 Finishes

sophie Honouring Sophie

 SDDA Quilt

Grant’s Quilt

Jabin’s Quilt

 Quilts of Valour Donation

CamPixel   Cameron’s 3rd Birthday

2018 Finishes

DawnsQuilt   Dawn’s Quilt

Cleo  Cleo Isla Paige’s Quilt

JamesAndrewFront  James Andrew’s Quilt

EdwardAndrew  Edward Andrew’s Quilt

AlexBabyFront  Quilt for Alex

ChloeMayFlimsy  Chloe May’s Quilt

HeidiComfort  Heidi’s Comfort Quilt

2015BOMFront   2015 BOM Bridges of Madison County

2017 Finishes

365Front   365 Challenge Quilt (2016)

2016 Finishes

BarksQuiltFront  Cameron’s Quilt

PiilowGiraffe  Cameron’s Pillow

BarksWindowFront  Cameron’s Window Treatment

CribSkirtFront Cameron’s Crib Skirt

QofV2front1  Quilts of Valour #2

LeftoversVI-1  Leftovers VI

Ava1  Ava’s Quilt

2015 Finishes

DNAgirlfront Our Lady of Grace Charity Quilt (girl)

DNAboyfront  Our Lady of Grace Charity Quilt (boy)

Leah1  Leah’s Quilt

LogCabinFMQ-1 Leftovers V – Log Cabin

JenQuilt Jen’s Quilt

NaziraQuilt Nazira’s Quilt

JC Judi’s Quilt

Leftovers4Finished Leftovers IV

QofVFinish2Quilt of Valour

BoyCribFinish Ayden’s Crib Quilt

2014 Finishes

PatOBW Pat’s One Block Wonder

HighTeaBoyFinish  High Tea II

HighTeaGirlDrape  High Tea 

ShojiFinish  Shoji Screen

Leftovers3  Leftovers III

UrbanWindows Urban Windows

 OneBwon Asian One Block Wonder

Baby3 Charm Square Baby Quilt #3

Baby2 Charm Square Baby Quilt #2

JanaHouseQuilt Jana & Jerry’s Wedding Quilt

TriQALfinished Triangle Quilt-a-long

sidefull Asian Shadowbox

Kimono_finish Kimono Wall Hanging

pillow1 Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge

2013 Finishes

  Leftovers2_front Leftovers II

 Leftovers1_finish Leftovers I

Blues10  2012 BOM Blues

Opera11 2012 BOM Opera

Batik1  Batik Beauty

DarwinQuilt Darwin

TropicalPunch1 Tropical Punch

Star Surround QALStar Surround Quilt-a-long

Kassidy's QuiltKassidy’s Quilt

SuesIrishChain_lrgSue’s Summer Breeze

BlueOdysseyBlue Odyssey

2011BOM2011 Block of the Month

2012 Finishes

Pink and Orange Baby Quilt

2011 Finishes

Lightening Strikes

2010 Finishes

Nicholle’s 17th Birthday Quilt

Lightening Strikes Again

Blue Hydrangea

Through the Window

Miscellaneous Finishes

Ladybug Quilt

My Rag Quilt

Bronwyn’s Baby Quilt

Tante’s Rag Quilt

Pat’s Quilt

11 responses to “My Quilts

  1. Sue

    your quilts are breath-taking….beautiful! You sure have a gift with that machine of yours!

  2. Sue

    think my fav is the one u are doing now and then Blue Hydrangea and then Blue Lightning they are all totally amazing!

    • It is going to be looking for a permanent home next year. Maybe it should go to Tottenham?????

    • wow, you have been busy, I love the wonky red one!Pannels make such nice tops too. I like the borders you did. I slluasuy just do a small solid and larger print and make couch quilts. I am going to have to up my game now that I’ve seen how beautiful yours looks with a bit of piecing. – cw

  3. Stephanie

    I love your colour choice for lightning strikes. Where did you get your pattern from.I can only see ordering a 2- pack kit for Austrialia.One queens size, and one wall hanging size. I live in Ontario and hope I can order Canadian Thanks

    • I got it at a store in Edmonton but they have since gone out of business. I would be happy to check other stores in our area to see if they have it. Let me know if that would help you.

  4. I love all your quilts! Nice to meet you too and I am impressed by all your marathons too.

  5. i like them all, but really like lightening strikes pattern!

  6. You’ve got some lovely quilts. My mother is a quilter, I’m going to forward your link to her so she can ooh and aah too. Funny story: Mom made a king-size leaves and their ghosts quilt: Green leaves in the middle, fading to yellow, then red and finally brown at the edges. It’s stunning. Each leaf is a made from a different pattern (and there are hundreds). It took a while to find all the fabric, even though she only needed less than an eighth of a yard for each one. More than once we would see a woman wearing an outfit the right color and Mom would say “She’s small, we can take her. You hold her down and I’ll cut out a leaf.” OK, maybe it’s not funny to non-quilters, but we would giggle all day!

  7. Brenda

    Wow cuz, you’re amazing! These quilts are exquisite. I especially love the Asian one block wonder. I could dream travel with that quilt.

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