The quilt that keeps on giving

Batik Beauty

Batik Beauty 109″ x 109″

I recently donated this king size Batik quilt to be used at a silent auction fundraiser for The Bockman Foundation. It is a non-profit charity that helps people with spinal cord injuries.   I got a thank you email informing me that the quilt sold for $600. I then found out that the people who bought the quilt re-donated it to another silent auction fundraiser for a family with 3 young children that tragically lost their father.   I hope that my quilt brings at least another $600 for that unfortunate family.


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3 responses to “The quilt that keeps on giving

  1. Sue

    WOW…a feel good yet tragic story…I hope it get 1000.00, It is such a worthy cause! Kudos to you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, you qualified for the PIF on my blog (apologies for the delay, my router died shortly after I scheduled the post and I’ve been ‘net free for a week!) Unfortunately you don’t have your e-mail address on your profile or in your post, so I do hope you get this! Please e-mail me your addy and I’ll pop you on my ‘To Do’ list 🙂

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