Lightening Strikes

This bargello pattern required me to choose 20 different fabrics….now that was a challenge.  They had to transition  from a light to a dark value.  They could be all in one colour family or several.  I choose to start with a creamy white, transition to gold, green and then finally blue.  Here are all the fabrics that  I started with:

To make a king size quilt I needed to cut 9 strips from each fabric giving me a total of 180 strips total.  I can’t remember how long it took me to iron all 20 pieces of fabric and then make the cuts but it was several hours.  Bargello’s are great quilts for first time quilters since it involves just cutting and sewing strips together….no fancy cutting, corners or piecing.

When it came time to baste the quilt (holding the top, batting and quilt back together), I needed over 1200 safety pins and it took me a couple of days and several bloody, blistered fingers.

And finally it took me a couple of weekends to do the decorative quilting and adding the binding.  The finished quilt is so big that Don had to stand on a ladder so that I could take these pictures.

22 responses to “Lightening Strikes

  1. WOW!!

    That is very lovely..& looks like a lot of work!!

    but you’ve created an heirloom!.

    Give yourself a pat on the back..a job so well done!

  2. Susan

    Yeah Debbie! My Quilt Queen, you did it and it is spectacular, again. The colours worked so well – and of course you know I love the colours. As always, I’m looking forward to your next project…..

  3. Marsha

    WOW!! That is a beautiful quilt! I can’t imagine the work it took.

  4. Sue

    This is amazing!!!! I don’t know where you find the time! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Loved to read about how it all began too!

  5. I was so surprised to read that these are great quilts for beginners to make; gave me confidence to make one… Maybe more! Your quilt is gorgeous!

  6. earminie wagner

    Do you have a source for this pattern, It’s beautiful work

  7. Patty

    Where did you get your pattern. Love your quilt! Stunning!

  8. Bernie

    Do you know where I can buy the pattern for
    Lightning Strikes

  9. Paula levangie

    Absolutely beautiful quilt would love to order that pattern to try.

  10. Paula levangie

    Do you sell the pattern lightening strikes

  11. Connie

    I would love to purchase this pattern. Is it for sale? Please email me where I can buy the pattern

  12. Rita Mattson

    This definately does not look like something a beginner can tackle!! Where can I purchase this pattern?

    Thank you and Happy New Year’s

  13. Marti

    Where can we find the pattern?

  14. Será que este esquema também se poderá aplicar a um painel com tampinhas de garrafas de água em vários tons? Gostava de fazer a experiência.
    Qualquer informação, façam favor de comunicarem comigo para o meu e-mail.
    Agradeço muito.

  15. Endahing Noor Wulandari

    Color’s are beautiful 😍😍

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