Leftovers IV

Back in 2011  I started collecting turquoise blue and brown fabrics for my Blue Odyssey Quilt.


I ended up cutting way more fabric than I needed.  As a result, I had piles of left over strips and little pieces. First I made ‘Leftovers I’ with more than one thousand 1-3/8″ x 2-1/2″ tiny rectangles.


Then came Leftovers II.  For this one I tackled the pile of 1-1/2 inch strips.


Then came Leftovers III.  I made a good dent in the huge pile of 1-1/4 inch strips.


I really over bought and over cut fabric for the original quilt.  I can’t believe that I may still have enough leftover strips and pieces for a 5th quilt.  I used the 1-1/2 and 1-1/4 inch strips and then I cut some new wider strips from the leftover yardage.  I’ve always wanted to make a string quilt and a HST quilt so this design allowed me to combine the two ideas into one.



I loaded it on my frame 3 different times before it was finally finished.  I had to keep taking it off so that I could FMQ other higher priority quilts.


Here is the front and the back of the quilt.  You can really see all the detailed quilting more so on the back than on the front.

Leftovers4Finished Leftovers4BackFinished


Here are a few closeup pictures:

Leftovers4Close2 Leftovers4Close3 Leftovers4Close1




4 responses to “Leftovers IV

  1. Sue

    My God Debs, you amaze me…the intricatsy of your work as fascinating! (pardon spelling errors, have no idea how to find spell check on this thing…lol….u get the pic!)

  2. These quilts are amazing! They are all so different, I can’t pick a favorite!! You must have cut fabric for a month to have all this leftover!! Love your quilting.

  3. terryaskeartquilts

    I like Leftovers III a lot, but I LOVE Leftover IV!

  4. Carol Woosley

    Leftovers IV is magnificent and inspiring. My favorit–thanks for sharing.

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