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Meet McMullin


We have a short term addition to our fur family.  This is McMullin and he is one of the puppies that were donated to Hope Heels to train as a service dog.  He is an 8 week old smooth Collie.  He will be staying with us until he has a puppy raiser family to go to.  He’s only been in the house for a few hours but he seems to have settled in just fine.



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Snow….No Thanks


Sunday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland.  October 9th is way to early for snow and winter to start…and not great for Thanksgiving.  We were supposed to do a 20km workout in preparation for our upcoming half marathon. After looking at all the snow, we decided to opt for a 10, leave our 20km for today and use it to work off some of the turkey and stuffing we snarfed last night.



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Certification cancelled : (

It is the classic good news….bad news story.  We got a phone call at 6am this morning.  The Sergeant scheduled to do the certification tests today got called out on a Police call so he had to cancel.  The tests will be rescheduled for some time in July.  Having a little extra time to polish up all the different profiles and to work on Tango’s obedience is not necessarily a bad thing but everyone was all psyched up for today.  I guess that means I can put Don to work in the yard today…..bonus!!!


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Practicing for Certification

Don and Tango have their certification test on Saturday.  For the last couple of weeks they have been out training 5-6 times a week to make sure they are ready.  Last night they worked on searching alleys.  It was a particularly tough test for Tango because there was virtually no air movement.  Instead of smelling an article many feet away and zoning in on the scent, she had to be almost on top of it before she could smell it.  She got a real surprise when she found a hidden hammer just as a dog on the other side of the fence starting barking and charging the fence.   Even with all the challenges, she managed to find all of her articles.


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Training Time

Three friends and I are in Calgary to attended the CAPPDT (Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers) conference. We arrived yesterday at noon, hit a few local quilt stores and then settled into our hotel rooms. I am really looking forward to hearing such experts as Jennifer and Steve White and of course the guru Karen Pryor speak. I have been awake since 5am and now I am waiting for the others to surface so that we can walk the dogs before the first session begins at 9am.

This is the first time Don has been left alone with the 4-legged kids and he knows I am a little worried. He sent me these picture to show me that everything is ok at home.

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