Certification cancelled : (

It is the classic good news….bad news story.  We got a phone call at 6am this morning.  The Sergeant scheduled to do the certification tests today got called out on a Police call so he had to cancel.  The tests will be rescheduled for some time in July.  Having a little extra time to polish up all the different profiles and to work on Tango’s obedience is not necessarily a bad thing but everyone was all psyched up for today.  I guess that means I can put Don to work in the yard today…..bonus!!!


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2 responses to “Certification cancelled : (

  1. Sofia

    awww rats…..that’s too bad, all hyped up I’m sure…but more time to practice I guess..

    adorable shot of her eyes/face!

    the video of Tilley & the bear was too sweet…the way she just dropped in the middle of playing….too funny!!

    how’s that serenading frog?? used to him yet??lol

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      Our loud mouth frog has either found a mate and stopped singing or he has moved out now that we have put our fish out in the pond for the summer.

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