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My Golden Hero

Last week we took Wally to the Vet because he was vomiting and had bloody diarrhea. He has a sensitive digestive system and he gets these tummy troubles every year or so. We were not panicked but at his advanced age (16 year and 10 months) we wanted to get things settled and resolved quickly. As we were waiting for our appointment we were shocked to see that one of his testicles had ballooned in size. It was not like that the previous day. It was 11.5 inches around and the size of a softball. We went from being mildly concern about diarrhea to being panicked about an extremely fast growing tumour.

At his age surgery is extremely risky but leaving the tumour posed its own risks. We made the very tough decision to go ahead with surgery. I’ve been stressing and having nightmares for the last few days but for some unknown reason I felt strangely at peace when I dropped him off this morning. I got a phone call two hours later and he was alive and well. The Vet said that he gave them a bit of a scare when they tried to insert the tube down his throat and encountered an obstruction. They found a dangling tumour (he’s sure it is benign) that they had to remove before they could start the planned procedure. They kept him all day so that they could keep him on IV fluids to flush the anesthesia drugs out of his system as quickly as possible. They sent me this picture to show me how well he was doing all snuggled up in warm blankets.

He is home with us now and we feel so blessed.


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Guess who is 16 years old today?

It may be grey and dreary outside but our lives are filled with sunshine today.  Our beautiful golden boy is 16 years old today.  The average life span for a golden retriever is 12 years…..we are incredibly blessed to have shared our lives with this amazing boy for 16 years.  He had a delicious birthday breakfast of fresh ground turkey with pumpkin and fresh berries.  Then he got to lick the empty pumpkin can.  We have a long standing tradition of using Timbits (Wally’s favourite treat) to celebrate the big moments.  On birthdays he would get one Timbit for every year and when his puppies were born he would get one for each baby.  When he started getting into double digits we had to start cutting the Timbits in half.  Later today he will get his 16 Timbit halves.


We had an early birthday celebration at Patty’s acreage on Thursday.  We had a lovely lunch and nice walk on a beautiful, sunny spring day.  We even managed to avoid Wally rolling in the horse and cow poop which he loves to do (as you will see below in the picture from his 11th birthday celebration at Patty’s).



Wally, Boomer, Stark, Hope, Spirit and little Tilly

To commemorate the big day I put together a series of images of Wally from 12 weeks to 16 years old.


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My Golden Valentine

Now and then……..I can’t image a life without this amazing boy.  He is my heart dog!!!  (He looks so serious striking a pose in both pictures.)


15 years 10 months old


10 months old

As a thank you to my Golden Valentine we went for a walk (just Mom and her boy) to Tim Hortons to get him his favourite treat.  He usually only gets a Timbit but today we went for the whole donut.


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Family Moment

I love it when we can start our mornings out on the deck enjoying our morning coffee/tea together.





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Proud Grandma


On Sunday I attended the graduation of one of Wally’s children.  I have a very special spot in my heart for Garnet.  Of the 51 puppies that Wally’s sired, he is the only one that really looks like his Dad.  He spent the first few years of his working life as a guide dog for a wonderful gentleman.   Sadly he passed away suddenly and Garnet was returned to the school.  They decided that he was too young to retire so they retrained him and placed him with a psychologist to act as a therapy dog for her clients.  Garnet is 7 years old now and watching him and his mannerisms….OMG he is definitely his Daddy’s boy.  He has the same loving and gentle personality.  Here is a picture of the whole graduating class.  Garnet’s beautiful deep golden colour makes him stand out in the group….”one of these is not like the others”.

GarnetGrad6When they arrived, Garnet’s nose went up and he started air scenting and wagging his tail wildly.  He knew we were there and he was excited.


I was able to get up close and snuggle with my beautiful grand-puppy.  Isn’t he just beautiful.




A blast from the past…..in 2010 we had this photo taken (courtesy of Laughing Dog) of Wally and Garnet just before Garnet went into final training to be a guide dog.


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Birthday Boy is 15

To say we are blessed to have our beautiful Golden Boy at the ripe old age of 15 is an understatement.  Not only is he still with us but the quality of his life is really good.  He is my “heart” dog.  I love all of my fur kids but he and I have this very special bond that I just can’t put into words.  I can’t imagine life without him….

Wally’s favourite treat are Timbits.  Traditionally he gets one for each year.  Once he got into double digits I started cutting them in half.  Today I cut two ends off of each one and left the slice in the centre for the other dogs.  It didn’t take him long to polish off 15 ends.


Ready and waiting




Here we go….








Nothin’ left but a pile of drool

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Hug Your Hound Day



Did you know that Sept 13th is National Hug your Hound Day.  To celebrate, Wally and I participated in the Bockman Foundation Wheel, Walk or Run for spinal cord injuries.  My old boy was able to do the whole race with me.  I would have liked to have included Spirit but she is too young to do that kind of pounding and she has had a bout of panosteitis (growing pains) so we just do gentle walks together.  Just as we were about to cross the finish line the generator stopped and the inflatable start/finish line balloon came down on top of us.



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