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Family Moment

I love it when we can start our mornings out on the deck enjoying our morning coffee/tea together.





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We are Grandparents!!!

We are so thrilled to announce the arrival of our first grand child.  We travelled to their home town on July 5th, two days before the official due date.   Unfortunately the baby decided that it didn’t want to make an appearance on the scheduled date.  As each day went by we got more and more nervous that it wouldn’t be born before our scheduled departure date of July 15th.  I guess the baby decided that it was worth meeting us after all.  Cameron James was born at 4:45am on Thursday, July 14th.  He was 7lbs 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  Mom, Dad and Cameron are all doing well and adjusting to life as a family.

Here is a picture of Cameron before they even weighed/measured him.


And of course proud Grandma and Grandpa with Cameron:


36 hours old after his first home bath.


And a few pictures of the nursery with the quilt, pillow, window treatment and crib skirt that I made.







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2013 in review

Well 2013 is almost over.  For the most part it was a good year.  The last few months have been a little hectic with the rapid decline in Don’s Mom’s health and Tango’s diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy.  I only managed to do one half marathon and few shorter races this year but I guess that is better than sitting on my fanny and doing nothing.

The highlight for me was getting my longarm machine.  It has been my creative escape when life gets the best of me.  Here is a mosaic of my quilt finishes in 2013:



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Night race for Kids

Tonight Don and I ran the Night Race to raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Stollery Children’s Hospital. It was a neat experience to run at night in the river valley with just headlamps to light your way. We took a before and after picture. Can you tell which is which?



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Father’s Day


My two favourite Dad’s celebrated breakfast in bed this morning.  Don got his McDonald’s Big Breakfast and Wally got his beloved Timmie bits.

All 3 dogs very generously offered to help their Dad eat his big breakfast.


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Happy Birthday Old Fart

Today we are celebrating Don’s birthday by going for a quick dinner at the Keg. We went to Hardware Grill last Friday for the official celebration so today is just icing on the ‘cake’. He won’t let me publish his age but who’s counting anyway.




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Door step surprise

We found this surprise sitting on our front door step. We don’t know who left it there. As you can see by the pictures, Wally liked it more than Tango did. Those of you that know my boy will know exactly what he did with his new friend.



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My Boy

Yesterday was my birthday and I always get a card from my ‘kids’.  This year’s card was extra special.  Not only did it have a picture of a beautiful Golden Retriever on the front but it was hand delivered, actually mouth delivered, by an even more beautiful Golden Retriever… boy!!!!


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Grandma’s Visitors

Sean and his family are in Edmonton to visit Dad and Grandma.  You can see the joy on her face as she spends time with her Grandson.  We are off to spend the day at the Waterpark and tomorrow it is off to Jasper to show the kids the ‘real’ mountains.

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31km on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!  We decided to celebrate our country’s birthday today by going for a 31KM walk…not really… just happened to coincide with our training calendar.   I can’t believe that I actually speed walked for 31kms and lived to blog about it.  This is the longest distance I have ever tackled and I’m now thinking that maybe, just maybe,  I might actually be able to complete the Derby Marathon in August.

We left the house at 6am and it was a comfortable 14 degrees celcius with a light breeze.  By the 20KM mark it was cold, windy and pouring rain.  We actually completed the last 11kms that way hence the lovely photograph.  We had to strip out of our soaking wet clothes at the front door.  Don headed for a long, hot shower and I jumped into the hot tub to try and warm up.  We are both suffering from numerous, giant blisters but darn it…….”I feel good


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Wildroses Women’s Half Marathon

This morning I completed my 3rd half marathon.  It was a women’s only race so it was the first race that I have done without Don by my side and none of my walking buddies signed up so I was flying solo.  I started out walking with a really nice lady that used to run marathons but a knee injury had forced her to turn to walking shorter races.  She was great company but her pace was a full minute faster than mine.  I kept up with her for 4km but I had to say goodbye and slow down to a more comfortable pace for me.  I finished the race in 3:01:58 which is my best time but the real shocker was that I finished 5th overall and 2nd in my age group so I got a medal.  Yipppeeee for me.  Of course there were only 25-30 walkers so when you put it in perspective I was just lucky.


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Edmonton Police Foundation 1/2 Marathon

We just completed our second 1/2 marathon this morning.  Compared to our first it was a breeze.  Although the route was  a lot tougher (climb in and out of the River Valley 3 times each) at least this time we didn’t have to contend with blizzard conditions.  We finished almost 45 minutes faster than we did the Hypothermic half.  I’ve got numb butt and stiff legs but other than that “I feel good”.  I’ve signed up to do a full marathon in August.  I can’t imagine doing today’s race twice to equal a full marathon.  At least it is a goal to shoot for……even if I don’t make it the full 42 kilometres.

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Half Marathon…..check!!!

Yesterday Don and I completed the Edmonton Hypothermic Half Marathon walk and boy did the race ever live up to it’s name.  We have had the most amazing winter.  Other than a couple of cold snaps, we  have had very little snow and unbelievably mild temps…..that was until this weekend.  We had a near record snow fall and the temps dropped to minus 17 celsius race morning.    I had on so many layers of clothes that I felt like I did when I was a kid and my mother dressed me up in a big, bulky snowsuit before she would let me go out and play in the winter.

We have’t done any training in deep snow so we were not prepared for how much more effort it required to walk through deep powdered snow.  By the 10K mark I was exhausted and wished I could quit.   I’m still not sure how I managed to complete the full 21.1 kilometres.   My training times had me finishing in under 3hrs and 30 minutes but I ended up taking 3hrs and 44 minutes.  I trained with a group of people who have done many half, full and ultra’s and they all said that it was a very tough race so I guess I can take some solace in that.

I can now cross this one off my bucket list!

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It’s a tie

Yesterday I posted this picture on facebook and identified my gorgeous boy as my favourite Valentine. Today I am forced to recant this statement and set the record straight. I actually have two favourite Valentines…..Wally and Don.

Last month I had strongly hinted that this Valentine’s Day I wanted to feel special… know…..I wanted to be romanced…like in the “olden days” when we were in lust. I have to take my hat off to the skinny guy. He took on the challenge and boy was I surprised. I have to admit I was a little worried when 5pm came and went and I didn’t even have a card yet….but then it started. First he produced a beautiful, long stemmed red rose. That was quickly followed by a beautiful pendant and necklace. Then I was told that I had to hurry up and get ready because a limo was picking us up in 30 minutes. We enjoyed a wonderful 4 course dinner and wine. I feel truly spoiled and loved. Move over Wally there is a new (renewed) love in my life with two legs instead of four!!


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Amazing Drawings

I found a talented local artist who did these spectacular drawings of our “kids”.  I just gave her pictures of the dogs and I got these wonderful keepsakes. I know that when they have all gone to puppy heaven, I will have these amazing drawings to ease my heartache.  She is particularly talented at capturing the eyes…they show the heart, soul and personality of our dogs.  People who have seen the drawings and know our dogs comment on how she has managed to convey much more than just an image.  I love them all but I especially love the one of Wally with his big, jowly puddles.  If you would like to commission a drawing of your beloved companion animal, get in touch with me and I will give you her contact info.

I surprised Don and got this extra drawing of Tango in her search vest that he can hang in his office at work.


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Perfect Xmas Eve

Hope, Wally, Bentley, Tango, Trixie and little Tilly

The Alberta weather gods have smiled upon us this December.  Today it is +5 and sunny with just a hint of snow on the ground…..compared to last year’s arctic freeze with record snowfall. The gang  spent the day at Patty’s with all our dogs in tow.  We had a wonderful walk around her acreage and then it was back to the house for a delicious lunch prepared by Susan. What a perfect way to spend Xmas eve…..much better than fighting our way through crowds at the mall.  It always amazes me that we can have so many dogs together in the house (some even intact) and they all get along.

Tonight we are going to a Christmas concert at Susan’s church.  Hope is going to be a part of the Christmas story along with some farm animals.  I’m sure she is going to be the ‘star’!

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Snuggling with Grandma

This week we had Don’s Mom over for dinner to celebrate her 96th birthday.  As you can see from the pictures, each dog took their opportunity to snuggle with Grandma and wish her a very Happy Birthday!



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Flower Power

It is my niece’s 17th birthday today and I made her this quilt as a surprise. I asked her what her favourite colour was and she told me deep purple, light pink and sea/turquoise green.  I tried to use those colours to make something she would like.  To read more about it and see more pictures, click here.

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Happy 95th Birthday Grandma

We took Don’s Mom out to the La Ronde for brunch today to celebrate the big milestone. The official day is actually tomorrow. All the kids/spouses, grand kids and friends send their love and best wishes!

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Puppy sleep over

We have Hope with us for a short visit and sleep over. We just love it when we get the opportunity to spend some time with one of our former foster ‘kids’. Everyone two and four legged enjoys the visit. I was up bright and early his morning and took them all for a walk and then we came back and had breakfast. Sleeping beauty, aka Don, was still sound asleep so we all ran upstairs and jumped on the bed to try and wake him up. As you can tell by the picture Don is a very skilled sleeper. Even with 4 dogs in bed nothing interferes with his beauty rest…..well maybe there is a little hint of a smile on his lips.

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Has it been that long?

Today the skinny guy and I celebrate our 22nd anniversary.  I guess that means we are old….we can’t deny it any more.    We’ve been in our house for 20 years…..I can’t believe that either. Time just seems to fly by.  We are going  to celebrate at a restaurant that I’ve never been to before but Don has been there for a couple of business lunches and really enjoyed it.  Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  I am looking forward to it.  I’d post a picture of the happy couple but we don’t have any.  I’ve always hated getting my picture taken.


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Puppy play date

On the weekend we brought our ‘kids’ over to Susan’s house and they had a fun play date with Hope.  She was so excited to see them that she was doing laps in the backyard.  For a puppy who had several homes and a bit of a rough start in life…..she is doing so well.  She is quite the flirt and she just loves men.  As soon as Don sat on the swing she was right up there beside him.  Susan says she never jumps up there normally.  Here is a short video of all the ‘kids’ together.

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Tango and Cash Reunited

Back in April of 2004 a generous breeder from California donated two of her German Shepherd puppies to a guide dog school.   They were given the names Tango and Cash and we were chosen to foster and train Tango for a year.  Every week we got together with Tango’s brother Cash to attend training classes and to socialize them at off-leash parks.  Cash was great with people but he had a bit of a dog aggression problem so he was eliminated from the program.   He was adopted by a couple, Judy and Bob, who loved German Shepherds and had recently lost their beloved dog Laser. Judy has MS and she was hoping that Cash would be able to assist her around the farm.  Tango made it to the second phase of training but it quickly became clear to everyone that she was a very high energy girl and not suited to be a guide dog.  We were given the opportunity to adopt her and become her forever home. Over the years I often thought about Tango’s brother and hoped that he was living a wonderful life in the country.

Well, we no longer have to wonder about Cash.  About a month ago I was contacted by Judy.  Poor Cash had some serious health issues and she wanted to let me know about them so that I could get Tango checked out by our Vet.  A few days ago we drove up to their farm to meet them and to reunite Tango and Cash.  Except for the 40lb weight difference it was like we were looking at Tango’s twin.  Their markings, colouration and even their vocalizations were identical.  As we began talking we quickly discovered how similar their personalities are too. They both love people, especially kids and they are both very talkative.  All four of us just couldn’t stop talking about how much alike they were.  We had a wonderful visit and we look forward to getting together with them again very soon.

Judy with Cash and Tango

Don and Cash

Tango and Cash (8 months old)

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Another family visit

It has been a whirlwind few days in the dog house. Catherine surprised Sean by flying them out here to visit us and Grandma for Sean’s 29th birthday. It has been about 3 years since they have been here so it was wonderful to see them. This has been a good year for visits from the kids. Chris is March and now Sean in May. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Erin will come for a visit soon.

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Mother’s Day

We took Don’s Mom out for brunch this morning. We enjoyed a lovely meal overlooking the river valley.

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Fun Weekend

We went for an off-leash run with Susan, David and Hope this past weekend.  There were so many gopher holes in the field it was like walking an obstacle course. I was concerned that one of the dogs would hurt themselves and possibly break a leg while they were running around and playing. Wally, who is not normally a high prey drive dog, was fascinated with some of the holes and began digging in them.  I got a good group picture at the end.  You can see how tired the dogs are with their giant pink tongues hanging out while they were panting profusely.

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Happy Birthday Don!!

Look at this face…..what a cutey. It is hard to believe that the skinny guy is 60 today…..gosh that sounds so old. When I think of someone who is 60 I get the image of a senior citizen…..that’s not Don.   He’s still a lean, mean machine.   No one believes him when he tells them his age.   We are going to the Hardware Grill for dinner with Susan and David.   I’ve never been there before but it has very high ratings from customers and critics.

Happy Birthday DAD from the 2 and 4-legged kids!!


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Family Portrait

Michelle, Grandma, Chris and Tilly

Our visit with Chris and Michelle went by so quickly.  It was wonderful having help looking after the little, hairy monster.   On Friday we stopped by Grandma’s apartment so that the kids could say good-bye.  It was hard to get Tilly to sit still long enough to capture a few pictures.

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