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Ebony is retiring

One of my puppies is retiring after 10 years as a service dog. She was a joy to foster and train. Together we learned the incredible power of positive reinforcement and it changed my life as a trainer. She was also one of Wally’s babies so that made her extra special to me. Her partner Sam loved and cared for her as I would have myself. I could not have asked for a better partner for her.  So proud of you Ebony!!!


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Sweet Gentle Soul


McMullin snuggling in the kennel

My beautiful, gentle old man Wally. He is almost 16 years old now.  Over those years he has shared our home with more foster puppies and four-legged family members than I can count. Without exception, each one has gone to him to cuddle and seek comfort. He has always obliged. For an intact male he is truly amazing!!!!

Just a few more pictures to tug at your heart strings:




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Meet McMullin


We have a short term addition to our fur family.  This is McMullin and he is one of the puppies that were donated to Hope Heels to train as a service dog.  He is an 8 week old smooth Collie.  He will be staying with us until he has a puppy raiser family to go to.  He’s only been in the house for a few hours but he seems to have settled in just fine.



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Birthday Boy is 15

To say we are blessed to have our beautiful Golden Boy at the ripe old age of 15 is an understatement.  Not only is he still with us but the quality of his life is really good.  He is my “heart” dog.  I love all of my fur kids but he and I have this very special bond that I just can’t put into words.  I can’t imagine life without him….

Wally’s favourite treat are Timbits.  Traditionally he gets one for each year.  Once he got into double digits I started cutting them in half.  Today I cut two ends off of each one and left the slice in the centre for the other dogs.  It didn’t take him long to polish off 15 ends.


Ready and waiting




Here we go….








Nothin’ left but a pile of drool

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Birthday Girls

Once again this year Tango and Hope co-hosted their annual birthday party.  Susan baked special dog friendly cups cakes smothered in “icing”.  Both Tango and Hope had their eyes focused on the same cup cake but when they got the go ahead to start eating, they quickly figure out which one was theirs.

As you can see by Tilly’s chin and her ear (in the picture below)…….everyone thoroughly enjoyed their treat.

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Perfect Xmas Eve

Hope, Wally, Bentley, Tango, Trixie and little Tilly

The Alberta weather gods have smiled upon us this December.  Today it is +5 and sunny with just a hint of snow on the ground…..compared to last year’s arctic freeze with record snowfall. The gang  spent the day at Patty’s with all our dogs in tow.  We had a wonderful walk around her acreage and then it was back to the house for a delicious lunch prepared by Susan. What a perfect way to spend Xmas eve…..much better than fighting our way through crowds at the mall.  It always amazes me that we can have so many dogs together in the house (some even intact) and they all get along.

Tonight we are going to a Christmas concert at Susan’s church.  Hope is going to be a part of the Christmas story along with some farm animals.  I’m sure she is going to be the ‘star’!

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Happy Birthday Ebony

Today is Ebony’s 4th birthday.  She and her partner Sam have formed an amazing working team.  It was wonderful to hear how much she assists him at work and in his day to day life.  It was always so hard to say goodbye to a foster puppy but it was especially hard to say goodbye to Ebony.  We had an incredible bond.  She was so easy to train and she loved to work and please me.

I always worried about my foster puppies’ future.  You hope they are going to be teamed up with someone who will love them and much as you do.  Well I certainly don’t have to worry about Ebony’s life.  She lives in the most beautiful home (my dream home), on a large acreage with a lake to swim in.  She’s got a puppy housemate named Bear that she can play with when she is not working.  Sam and his family obviously love her very much and my heart is at peace when I see them together.

Here’s a picture of my handsome boy Wally (Ebony’s Dad) with Sam and Ebony.  Look at that amazing view in the background.  You will notice that Wally managed to find the one pile of donkey poop on the property.  My boy has never met a pile of poop that he didn’t want to roll in.  Stinky or not,  I still love him.


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