Birthday Girls!

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating both Hope and Tango’s birthday.  Hope turned 3 yesterday and Tango is 7 today.  Don’t they look marvellous for their age!

We spent the day at Patty’s acreage and we all had a wonderful time.  It was a surprisingly mild February day for Alberta.  We had lovely home made pizza for lunch and then the whole gang went on a walk around Patty’s acreage.  I got to wear Patty’s snow shoes to try and keep from falling through the deep snow.  I had a few good wipeouts and Don and Patty had to hold my hands on the steep downhill parts but I survived!  Tango scraped the underside of one of her dew claws. Good thing that Patty is a Vet and she was able to put her skills to good use and put some blue vet wrap on our drama queen’s boo-boo.

After our walk the two legged party goers enjoyed Patty’s delicious rhubarb crisp and the 4 legged ones enjoyed a special birthday cake homemade by Susan.

Here are a few more pictures from our wonderful day.

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