Leah’s Quilt

This summer our daughter married her sweetheart Paul.  Paul’s sister Sue just had a baby.  She is the first grandchild in their family.  In honour of the birth of Leah and the joining of our families I made her this baby quilt.

I used a stylized feather in the lighter triangles to push them into the background and have the brighter triangles pop forward.
I used trapunto to make the hearts pop and then did a dense quilting in the background to enhance their 3d effect even more.
I like the back of this quilt. I used some left over HST blocks and a few 5 inch squares. You can really see the free motion quilting on the back.

2 responses to “Leah’s Quilt

  1. Very nice. Can’t tell if this is a new or old quilt as I can’t see a date. Do you remember the size of the quilt and the size of the blocks?

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