Pink & Orange Baby Quilt

I’ve become addicted to Pinterest.  I can spend hours looking at other people’s pins and boards.  I’ve been particularly inspired by some of the amazing quilts I’ve seen.  I made this quilt for someone who is expecting a baby girl in the next couple of weeks.  I didn’t have a pattern but I saw something similar on Pinterest that I used to help me design this one.  The colours are really bold and not something that I would normally use but I think the white background tones things down and makes it all work together.  I’m told that bright colours are good for newborn so hopefully she will like it.  This is the first quilt that I have ever done this much free motion quilting and the first time I have tried doing pebbles.  I wanted to do a fairly dense quilt pattern in the white background so that the coloured areas would pop.

Close-up of the 7 fabrics I used

Close up of a few blocks

A closer look at the free motion quilting

4 responses to “Pink & Orange Baby Quilt

  1. Sue

    I am in constant amazement of your quilts….WOW factor for sure. Interesting choice of colours. I just “inherited” a quilt that is near 100 years old (and in fantastic shape I might add) from a client who was going into a retirement home….nobody in her family wanted it and I fell in love with it (of course I did…I Love quilts) Interestingly enough, it is the same colours that you have chosen in the Baby Quilt….yours is the new updated version…..mine has sort of circle/diamond type pattern and yours is squares…LOVE IT…..I am in such awe of you passion for quilting!!!!

  2. Sue

    I goofed, it is not at all circle/diamond…it is like leaves or possibly stemmed flowers, I have not had it that long and it is now on a quilt rack in my upstairs hallway…just examined it closer and realized had goofed in the description…regardless, it is amazing and I can’t imagine sitting there and doing all that tiny hand stitching to make the quilt and the pattern…..

  3. Do you remember approximately finished dimensions of your squares?

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