Sue’s Summer Breeze

I met Sue shortly after I moved to Edmonton.  She too was a resent transplant from Toronto and we connected immediately.  Although we hung out for less than a year (she moved back to Toronto and her beloved cottage) we have kept in touch for over 30 years.  She follows my blog and always posts such wonderful comments about my dogs and quilts.  I decided to make her and her husband Lou a quilt for their master bedroom. It took a little digging to find out that she preferred traditional quilt designs and she loved blues and yellows……sort of French Country.  I settled on a triple Irish chain quilt, something I’ve never done before.  It was nice to learn something new while making a quilt that I hope they will love.

I used EQ7 software to design the quilt.  Although I had played with the software a bit, it was the first time I had designed a quilt from start to finish using EQ7.  Since the Irish chain blocks are fairly straight forward, I really didn’t need to use the software but it sure came in handy to audition different fabrics and play around with the overall affect.

My pattern required 10 different prints/colours following a colour and value range.  It took me a while to gather all the fabric.  I even had to order some from Ontario and Texas.  The quilt has only 2 different blocks that are 13.5 inches finished.  It is made of 7 blocks per row and 9 rows with an overall finished size of 98.5  x 125.5.  Sue wanted it extra long so she could tuck it under and around her pillows.

The first block is made up of these 5 different fabrics:

b1c1 b1c2 b1c3 b1c4 b1c5

First you need to cut each of them into 2″ strips.


Then you sew the strips together in a specific order to get strip sets made up of a combination of 9 strips.


Then you cut the strip sets into 2 inch strips again.


And finally you sew the strips back together to get the first block.  One down and only 30 more to go.


The second block is made up of these four patterned fabrics and a white on white print:

b2c1 b2c2 b2c3 b2c4

Here is a completed second block.  I needed a total of 32 of these puppies.


Here are the two blocks side by side:


They don’t look like much yet but once you get a few rows together the pattern starts to form:


This quilt was a monster to free motion quilt because it was so large.  Here is a picture of me trying to work with all that bulk under a domestic sewing machine:


As usual, when I sit down in my lazy boy to hand sew on the binding, my little quilt helper always has to plop her cute little body right in the middle of my work.


This is what the quilt looked like in EQ7 after I finished designing it:


And here is the actual finished quilt:  Sue’s “Summer Breeze” Triple Irish chain:


A little bit closer to see some of the quilting detail:


A real close up look at the quilting in the white block:


Another first for me on this quilt is adding a label.  Sue really wanted one so I made one.


I hope you like it Sue……..??????

Update (2013JUN03).  Sue just sent me a picture of the quilt on her bed:


29 responses to “Sue’s Summer Breeze

  1. Sue

    YES< YES< YES a thousand yeses….I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! totally amazing…it's on my bed now and Lou is tucked in all comfortably under it….will try and send over pics asap…My GAWD Debs……you outdid yourself this time… You are amaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Suzzanne Walsh

      Wow! This is absolutely stunning! The hours you put in made it truly worthwhile and I’m so thankful that Sue posted this on her timeline for me to be able to come here and look at what you’ve done!

  2. Sue

    Doesn’t it look totally amazing on our (Queen) bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All that’s missing is a dog or two or three…and believe me, they have all checked it out (approvingly) See how you picked up the colours perfectly for our room…in particular the reproduction of I believe Monet painting on the wall that my Mom did many years ago on our wall, EVERY colour that you included is EXACT to an also cherished painting, hand in hand…..and yes, my theme is French Country so you are dead on….beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is all I can say….and THANK-YOU for dating it as to me that is an important part of art….My Crewel etc is dated as in my hopes it will be passed along to someone or bought by someone who really loves it once my time on this earth is done and I think it is important to know the love that went into the piece and who made it and when….that spans the test of time….and lives on forever…..I told you I acquired a quilt that was orange/pink/white from an original founder of Schomberg…I know this quilt is over 100 years old but made by who and who for etc…I cherish it and it is on a quit rack displayed in my hall outside my bedroom BUT>>>>I wanted to know who and the story it was made for of made by…..that’s why I wanted you to sign and date it…..MUCHO thanks for that…..I LOVE your blog and the story of MY quilt!!!!! hope others enjoy your blog as much as I do…..

  3. Sue

    PS…Tilly is just fra toooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love the pattern, colors and especially the quilting! Stunning quilting!

  5. What a lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing on Pinterest!

  6. Randy

    Gorgeous. Any tips on quilting using the machine

  7. Randy smith

    Beautiful. In total how much of each fabric was needed

  8. Any chance you would share more specifics on the strip sets? I have these fabrics & would love to make a throw size for my guest room. I love your quilt more than the one I made in the same line for my guest bed! Just gorgeous.

  9. Melissa Morgan

    Hi, I am looking for a pattern to make a quilt for my mother in law, she would love this! Is there any chance I could get the pattern for the Summer Breeze Quilt? I am not above begging at this point, I cannot tell you how long I have searched for just the right one. I was hoping to have one for her at Christmas but, I couldn’t find the one that spoke her. I hope that doesn’t sound too corny but, I think this one was just meant to be hers. Thanks so much for your time and help. Melissa

  10. Melissa Morgan

    No, I am very new to quilting even though I have been sewing for over 28 yrs. My kids all moved out and now it’s empty nest time. I will look into the EQ7. Is there a specific pattern of Strips? Maybe number the strips of the first set one through in the order they are sewn and the second one through four in the same.? I’m sorry for any inconvenience. If it’s too much the don’t bother with it and I will get back to you once I have the EQ7. Thanks again for any help you can give.

  11. I was just looking at the blog and it tells you exactly how to make it and includes pictures of each step. For the ‘X’ shaped block you need five colours going from light (1) to dark (5). Your strips sets are as follows:

    For the second block you need four colours from light (1) to medium (4) and white. The strips sets are as follows.

  12. Susie

    It appears the white centers are not from 2 inch strips. I don’t see that area in description for 2nd block. Can you elaborate? Unfortunately these fabrics no longer available so will have come up with another combination. Just love what you used.

  13. Sue

    Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Regina

    I love it! My bedroom is blue and yellow too❤️

  15. Holly vonderbrink

    Could I use your pattern for this

  16. Holly vonderbrink

    Can I print this some way. I actually have this collection in a bag

  17. Holly vonderbrink

    Could you tell me how much fabric I need of each print please

  18. Holly vonderbrink

    Yes! durall.holly@ And if you know how much of each fabric ? Mine would be queen size I think.About how much white?

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