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First CKC Title For Spirit


We spent this weekend at the Battle River Canine Association rally obedience trial in Camrose. I signed Spirit up just to give her some experience in the trial environment. She can get anxious and reactive around other dogs so I wanted her first trial to be somewhere relatively close to home giving us the opportunity to just take her home if she was overwhelmed. She amazed me. There were only minor signs of stress and I was able to quickly focus and redirect her. Not only did she successfully complete her trial each day with a qualifying score, she earned her Novice title with scores of 92, 96 and 95. On Friday she also got a ribbon for Second in Class. She is now officially known as Tailspin’s Winter’s Spirit RN . Not bad considering we just finished our introductory rally course a couple of weeks ago. Yahoooooooooo  Thank you to Judges Karen Brearley, Margaret Chandler, Marie-Johanne Cloutier.


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Advanced Title – It’s Official

We received our official Advanced Title in the mail today.  I didn’t realize it but we received a gold level title which means we scored 96% or better in each of the disciplines.  Her started titled was a bronze so I guess it means that we are improving as a team….yeah us!!!



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Another Title


We were up bright and early this morning to drive to Red Deer to participate in Nosey Pawtner’s Sporting Detection Dog Association trial.  We had a slow start but a great finish  with lots of swag.

Spirit got a second place on the interior search component, 2nd place overall and she got her Advanced title today.  So proud of my big girl.  So now we have to move from the amateur steam and start competing in the working/professional scenting dog stream.

Throughout the photo shoot she had her eye on the cookie and couldn’t wait for permission to gobble it down.


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Carting Anyone?


Next week we are going to take a carting clinic and we needed a cart for the class.  We are very lucky that Spirit’s breeders Coreen and Steve Johnson from Tailspin Bernese Mountain Dogs generously offered to lend us one of theirs.  We went to their acreage on Sunday to fit Spirit with her harness and cart.


Since we have been doing kick sledding I was worried that Spirit would want to take off running with the cart rather than walking in a nice heel beside me.  She was a little spooked by the metal supports running along side her body but I think she did ok.


Of course it was freezing cold and windy for us two legged folks but the dogs didn’t mind.  Here is a quick video of her first reaction to being attached to the cart and then her first experience pulling.

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2 Years Young

I can’t believe that she is two years old already.  Time is just flying by.  She got a huge, delicious dino bone to celebrate.



You can get a perspective on just how huge the bone is when you see it beside her giant 97lb body.  One end is the same size as her head.  She can barely carry it in her mouth.



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Berner Party


Today we had the pleasure of attending the first annual Bernese Mountain Dog party hosted by Coreen and Steve Johnson of Tailspin.  They invited all of the families who had dogs from their breedings.  There was a bevy of Berners in attendance.  We managed to get a picture with 14 of them.


There was only one dog there from Spirit’s litter, her sister Asha.



This is Mom Sophie and her two daughters.


We also had the pleasure of meeting Tailspin’s newest litter.  They are called the Olympic litter because they were born during the Olympics.  Each puppy’s registered name will be Olympic themed.  They will be six weeks old on Monday.


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Little Rock Star

IMG_0198 IMG_0199

This is not exactly a “Wordless” Wednesday post.  This weekend Spirit participated in her first dog show. It was the Northern Alberta Canine Association All Breed show. Everything started Thursday night when Coreen (the breeder) gave Spirit her second bath and groom in less than 2 weeks. She was a lot more relaxed and less stressed for this bath than her first one. Even the high powered blow dryer didn’t phase her.


On Friday morning, Jo-ann (the handler) showed her and Spirit worked with her beautifully. So well in fact that she got a best bitch in the 6-9 month old puppy category. She then went on to compete with all the winning female Berners and she got reserve (second best) which gave her two ribbons for the day. Coreen and Joanne were so happy with how well she showed that they nicknamed her “Little Rock Star”. Spirit’s Mom Sophie was amazing in the show ring and her nickname is “Rock Star”

On Saturday morning Spirit won best bitch in the 6-9 month old puppy category again. Then she went on to compete in the winners bitch category only this time she won it beating the dog that beat her on Friday. The win gave Spirit her first two points towards her championship.

I was in total shock. Spirit was absolutely horrible for Jo-ann…the complete opposite of Friday. She constantly sat in the ring and she was just not listening to her. I barely had a chance to digest the win when all of a sudden Jo-ann is handing me the leash and telling me that I have to show Spirit in the best of winners category because she will be competing against her older brother Axl (previous litter) and she had to show him instead.


It was almost a blessing because I had all of about 30 seconds to panic and then I had to grab the leash and run into the ring. I felt like a fish out of water. I kept apologizing to the judge for not understanding what she wanted me to do. The good news is that Axl won the best of winners category and it gave him all the points he needed to finish his championship.

Next came the best puppy in breed category where the girls compete against the boys for the first time. I handled her again. Her brother handsome Samson had won his 6-9 month old puppy category too so that meant Spirit had to compete against her brother. Although she won, it was a bitter sweet victory. It just didn’t feel right competing against her beautiful brother.

Sampson and Spirit NACA 2015

Sampson and Spirit NACA 2015

Spirit’s first in the Winners’ Bitch category meant that she moved on to compete in the best puppy in the working group. Since she was so horrible for Jo-ann and worked beautifully for me both times, we all decided that I would show her in the afternoon. She competed against 8 or 9 different working dog breeds and she came in fourth which gave her a beautiful big white ribbon.


Here is her official winners picture.

Spirit's First Show_small

Sunday morning was an exact repeat of Friday except that I showed her in both rounds. She got a best bitch in the 6-9 month old puppy category and reserve (second best) in the winners bitch category which gave her another two ribbons.  In total she won six small and  1 large ribbon.


Here are just a few more pictures of Tailspin’s Berners at the show:


Spirit and Axl


Axl, Spirit, Samson and Bentley (Axl’s brother)


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