Meet the Parents


This beautiful girl is Spirit’s Mom Sophie, more formally known as Can Grand Champion Werlwind’s Playing with Fire.  Spirit’s registered name is Tailspin’s Winter’s Spirit.   Here are a couple more pictures of Sophie at different shows.
Sophie2 Sophie3

This handsome fellow is the sire Bacchus or Am GCH Alpenspirit Sweet Celebration.  I didn’t realize until I was typing this blog post that Spirit’s name is also part of the Kennel name of her Dad….that’s neat and totally by accident.  While it is lovely that both of her parents are grand champions, the most important things for me was to find a breeder who really cared about their dogs and participated in Berner Garde.  Berners have so many health issues and such a short life span.  After watching our poor Tango suffer through DM, it was important that our breeder tested her dogs to see if they were carriers of any of the major diseases Berners  are prone to.  Healthy body and good disposition are the most important to me.

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