Sean and Catherine’s Quilt

Another Bargello made with the same quilt pattern – Lightening Strikes. I actually finished his quilt before I finished the blue one for us.  It was made for our son Sean and his wife Catherine for Christmas 2010.  I used a more neutral palette of creams, browns and black.  When they were here for a visit in May they saw me working on our bargello and they seemed to like it so I decided to surprise them for Xmas.  I started working on it in October so it would be ready in plenty of time to ship off for Christmas but unfortunately things didn’t work out.  I hurt my back in November and I wasn’t able to sit and sew for 5-6 weeks and then only for a hour or two at a time.  I finished the last hand stitching on the binding on December 19th and we were ready to courier it so it would be there for Christmas.  Then we found out that Sean and the family were taking a last minute flight to Cancun for Christmas so we decided to wait until the New Year and send it by snail mail.   They got it last weekend so now I can show it here.

I quilted the main part the same way I did our our quilt but I did the borders a little different. I did piano keys on the black border and then I selectively outlined some of the floral prints with black thread in the outer border. I think these borders are much more interesting than the ones on our blue bargello.

8 responses to “Sean and Catherine’s Quilt

  1. Shell

    Once again, it’s stunning! You’ve done a beautiful job!

  2. Sue

    OMG Debs…you blow me AWAY WITH TALENT ABOUND! These are such works of art…they are beautiful!!! I am so ‘jealous’ …….. You will most certainly go down in history with these!!!!!! LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kim dobos

    Sue – I love this quilt! how hard was it to make… it suitable for a beginner?

    • Bargello’s are good quilts for beginners. You just cut tons of strips, sew them together in a specific order, cut them into strips again and then finally sew them all together to create the design. Debbie

  4. Michelle

    How do I get the pattern for this?

  5. Veronica

    This pattern seems to be out of print. Would you be willing to share it?

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