2011 Block of the Month Quilt

Every month I went to QuiltEssential Co to pick up my fabric and instructions to make the block for that month.  At the end of 2011, I had 12 completed blocks.  I then had the daunting task of designing a finished quilt.

We had 3 colour options to choose from:  red/green Christmas theme, an earthy/fall bali batik collection or one called spring/summer.  I chose the spring/summer group.  Although I am not a big  fan of brown, gray or beige, I thought it would be good to challenge myself to try something outside of my comfort zone.  Here are the 6 fabrics that were used:

Each block was constructed using the Lazy Angle ruler.

There was only one rule for this club.  You had to finish your block for the current month and bring it to the fabric pick-up for the next month to prove that it has been completed.  If your block was done on time you got your next bunch of fabrics for $3.50….if not then you had to pay $5.50 for your fabric.  Just a little incentive to help keep you on track.

Here are the 12 completed blocks.


I worked on assembling the quilt top on and off in 2012 but I never really fell in love with it.  I tend to lean towards more modern quilt blocks with lots of negative space.  The good news is that because I wasn’t it love with it, it gave me so much freedom when it came to the quilting.  I wasn’t worried about wrecking something I loved so I just went for it.  I tried combining feathers and swirls and somewhat more intricate/complicated designs.  It took the 2013 FAL (finish-a-long) to light a fire and get me to finish the quilt in time for the annual BOM quilt show at QuiltEssential Co.  Much to my surprise I won second place.

Here are some pictures of the finished quilt and the FMQ:





Here is the quilt hanging up at the show:




One response to “2011 Block of the Month Quilt

  1. Sue

    Debs…You are AMAzing!!!!!!These are breathtaking! WOW…..I would LOVE to be able to do something so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see them all!!! (and the finished product too!!!!)

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