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Sweet Gentle Soul


McMullin snuggling in the kennel

My beautiful, gentle old man Wally. He is almost 16 years old now.  Over those years he has shared our home with more foster puppies and four-legged family members than I can count. Without exception, each one has gone to him to cuddle and seek comfort. He has always obliged. For an intact male he is truly amazing!!!!

Just a few more pictures to tug at your heart strings:




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Gone but never forgotten

It was a year ago today that we said goodbye to our beloved Tango.  We still think about her daily.  Those big, pointy ears….

TangoTribute1 TangoTribute2

Her beautiful, gentle brown eyes…


The way she ran like a cheetah.  She would flatten her ears for increased aerodynamics and speed…them bring them up to use as flaps to help slow her down…..


And the big wet puppy kisses she would give to anyone that would let her get close enough.


She was a real ambassador for the Canadian Search Dog Association…..



We still miss you our little ‘search girl’. We know you will be faithfully waiting for us to join you.

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Honouring Tango


Earlier this year contacted search and rescue groups from around the world asking members to submit photos of their dogs.  Their plan was to produce the first Search and Rescue calendar.  We submitted a couple of pictures of our beautiful Tango and then promptly forgot about it.  Just a couple of days before Tango crossed over the rainbow bridge we received an email telling us that Tango’s picture had been chosen for the calendar.  This weekend we received our complimentary copy of the 2015 calendar.  It was very emotional for us to see our girl’s picture in the calendar.  The picture above is the one they chose.  She is part of a group of pictures for the month of July.

Back in 2012 this picture of Tango was chosen to hang in the Royal Alberta Museum as part of their Wolf to Woof exhibit. (read more about it here).



Just a few more pictures of our girl.  She always looked like she was smiling.  Gosh I miss her……..



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Goodbye Tango


2004FEB12 - 2014NOV01

2004FEB12 – 2014NOV01

Tango put up a brave fight against degenerative myelopathy for almost 2 years.  Last week everything changed. Wednesday morning she woke up with almost complete paralysis from mid back down,  partial paralysis in her front legs and unable to lift her head without crying out in pain.   We took her to the Chiropractor that morning and she said that her neck was a mess.  It gave us some hope that maybe this was only temporary.  We soon realized that this wasn’t temporary and it wasn’t going to get any better.  Although our hearts were shattered we knew what we needed to do out of love and respect for our girl.  We said goodbye to her Saturday morning.  Before we left for the Vet I lied on the floor with her.  She looked at me with those big brown eyes and licked the tears off my face.

12 weeks

12 weeks old – will you ever grow into those ears???

My what big ears you have!

My what big ears you have!


Our Valentine beauty!

Tango the Cheetah

Our cheetah…..she loved to run


Always ready to chew on or chase a ball


Daddy’s #1 girl (sorry Erin)

Grandma's girl

Grandma’s girl

Goodbye my beautiful girl.  I’m sure that Tasha and Ming were there to greet you and Grandma’s lap and warm hand are there to stroke and comfort you.  You are now free to run like the wind again with your favourite orange ball in your mouth.  Until we meet again…….

We got a thoughtful email from a friend with the perfect poem:

“If it should be”


If it should be that I grow frail and weak,

and the pain should keep me from my sleep

Then you must do what must be done

For this, the battle, cannot be won.


You will be sad, I understand

Do not let the grief then stay in your hand,

For this day more than all the rest

Your love and friendship stand the test.


We have had so many happy years,

What is to come can hold no fears.

You would not want me to suffer so;

When the time comes, please let me go.


Take me where my needs they’ll tend

And stay with me, if you can, to the end.

Hold me firm and speak to me

Until my eyes no longer see.


I know in time, you will see,

It is a kindness you do for me.

Although my tail its last was waved

From pain and suffering I have been saved.


Do not grieve that it should be you,

Who must decide this thing to do,

We have been so close, we two, these years;

Do not let your heart hold any tears.


Smile, for we walked together for a little while. ”


——Unknown Author ——


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Summer time fun


So how does this thing work?



It is hard to get a good drink this way

It is hard to get a good drink this way


How do you turn this thing back on?

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Wordless Wednesday – Mmmm Yogurt






The ‘kids’ love licking the empty yogurt containers. I used to buy 500ml containers so they got to ‘clean’ one every 3 days. When I switched to the 1 litre containers they had to wait a whole week. They still join me in the kitchen every morning hoping that today is the day that the container is ready for their pre-wash cycle.

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Tango’s new transportation


As Tango’s degenerative myelopathy progresses she is having a harder time trying to walk around.  She is constantly getting her back legs crossed or having them slip out from underneath her.  She can still bunny hop/run fairly well but changing direction and stopping are a real challenge.  We ordered a wheelchair for her and we have started getting her comfortable with it.  This is a video of her first time testing her new wheels.

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