Puppy Play Day

It was a beautiful, mild day on Sunday so we knew that we had to grab the puppies and spend some family time outside. First Don, Tango, Wally and I went for a brisk 12km walk. Then we packed everyone into the van and headed out to Stony Plain. Wally and Tango did a little SAR training and then we all went for a nice off leash walk. Everyone was wet, muddy and very happy when we were done.


Filed under Tango, Tilly, Wally

2 responses to “Puppy Play Day

  1. Sue

    sounds totally wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Sue

    just got a new computer and I am baffed at best…I work with my hand and people, this is still sooooo out of my realm of comfort….lol….pardon me if I am slow to respond or post these days, I am still “in training”….lol
    (old dinasaur finally blew up, damn, was just getting used to it, lol)

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