Yeah….Team Tango!!!

Picture Courtesy of: Rene Mercier

 I am thrilled to announce that Team Tango passed their annual RCMP cadaver certification this morning.  As a reward, Tango got a Mega-P’nut treat from Bone and Biscuit in Sherwood Park and Don is going to get a nice ‘take-out’ dinner from the restaurant of his choice.  I think Tango got the better end of this deal.


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3 responses to “Yeah….Team Tango!!!

  1. Shell

    Congratulations that’s amazing!!
    Best wishes!

  2. Yay Tango!!…What a good Boy..We all are so proud of you!!!..& of course your Dad

  3. Susan

    Congratulations Team Tango!! We never doubted for a minute.

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