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Four Legged Cheerleaders


On Sunday morning we participated in the annual First Responders Half Marathon.  We have McMullin staying with us again so he and Brodie came out to cheer us on. They were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to stop by and say hello to the pair.

As I was approaching the end, Don handed me the “boys” so that they could cross the finish line with me.


Brodie also helped Laura and Heidi cross the finish line.


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Meet McMullin


We have a short term addition to our fur family.  This is McMullin and he is one of the puppies that were donated to Hope Heels to train as a service dog.  He is an 8 week old smooth Collie.  He will be staying with us until he has a puppy raiser family to go to.  He’s only been in the house for a few hours but he seems to have settled in just fine.



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Charity Quilting

I volunteered to do the free motion quilting for members of my quilt guild who made a quilt top for Our Lady of Grace.  Ioleen pieced this quilt from blocks that were donated by guild members.  She gave me the freedom to quilt it however I wanted to.  As usual, once I get going on the longarm I can’t stop myself.  Hopefully she will like it.



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Master Composter Recycler

A few months ago I was surfing for some info on composting and I came across a link to the City of Edmonton Master Composter Recycler program.  I read through the info and immediately knew that this was something that I wanted to join. I put in my application, I was given an interview and I ended up one of the lucky 30 people that were selected to participate in 2014.  We had our first two classes this past week.  The participants range in age from maybe the early 20’s to the 60’s and everyone seems passionate about the environment and what they can do to minimize their impact.  Yesterday’s class was a real eye opener for me.  We talked about what items can be put in the blue bag.  I was pretty disappointed to discover that probably close to 5o% of the stuff I put in my blue bag was wrong.  Did you know that the only plastic shopping bags that are acceptable for recycling in Edmonton are the ones you get from the grocery store….that’s it.  They don’t take the plastic bags that we put our fresh produce in, they don’t take shopping bags from retail stores, plastic packaging etc.  On the positive side there was nothing that I put in the trash that should have been put in our blue bag.  If you are ever unsure about what can be recycled, here is a link to a handy on-line poster that you can print.  A good rule of thumb is that is has to be bigger than your fist and smaller than a basket ball (except flattened cardboard, it can be bigger).

I’m really looking forward to Tuesday’s class on composting.  We even get to try our hands at setting up a worm composting bin.  I’ve been bugging Don for years to have one in the house.  Now’s my chance!!

For more info on Edmonton’s programs check out  #yegwaste

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Mock Search


Last weekend we were in Slake Lake to participate in a large multi-agency Mock Search put on by the Slave Lake Regional Fire Service. There were people from the RCMP, Edmonton Regional Search and Rescue, Canadian Search Dog Association, Slake Lake Search and Rescue to name a few. We had 9 dogs teams there representing Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge. It was a very well planned and thought out exercise that had scenarios and search areas to suit each group. We even had helicopters flying low over head throughout the day. The dogs did great and didn’t seem concerned about the noise or the low flying choppers. No one encountered any bears or angry wildlife and we all had a great time.




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Help for premature babies in the NIC Unit


Today members of our Modern Quilt Guild got together for a sew day.  Some worked on their own projects and others worked together to make quilted incubator covers for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Royal Alex Hospital.   These covers help block out the light to make for a more relaxing/soothing rest for the little ones inside.  I was on quilt duty.  I managed to quilt enough pieces for 2 covers.  One with an overall grid pattern and the other with a large improvised  baptiste fan design.  I hope we get to see how they look when they are put to use.

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Congrats Team Tango


I am proud to say that Don and Tango passed their annual RCMP Cadaver certification last night. They had three 20 x 20 metre fields that they had to search, one had no material in it and the other two had 1-3 samples.   The scent sources were placed 48 hours prior to the test.   They were allowed 30 minutes per field but they completed all three fields in approximately 20 minutes.  They found all samples and correctly identified the negative field.  Don said that it was a ‘thing of beauty’ watching our girl work the fields.  Tango got Timmy bits as her reward and the skinny guy and I are going out for dinner tonight for our celebration.   Yeah Team!!!!


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