Team Tango Searches River Valley

Today Don and Tango took part in a search at the request of the RCMP and Project Kare.   All the local print and tv news groups were there.  Although there were 3 teams from the Canadian Search Dog Association it looks like most of the coverage features Don and Tango….probably because my girl is so beautiful and photogenic.

Here are the links to the various media sources:

Edmonton Journal
Edmonton Sun
Global Edmonton

Here’s a picture of Don and Tango from Global News Edmonton:

I don’t know how long these links will work but hopefully they will be valid for a few days.


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3 responses to “Team Tango Searches River Valley

  1. Marsha

    Don and Tango are looking good!

  2. Sue

    Interesting…..seems “ladies of the night” are always a target globally…I must say “TEAM TANGO” make a very handsome pair!!! She’s such a beauty…hope she’s the gal to find what they are looking for!

  3. Susan

    TEAM TANGO we are so proud of you! I know you won’t miss a thing wherever you are searching. Tango I love your working face – it’s so easy to see that you are doing exactly what you were meant to do.

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