Before and After Look

I have to start out this post by apologizing to Tilly’s breeder.  Sorry Chris!  I couldn’t help it.  Our Tilly is not a prim and proper British girl.  She’s a gardener.  She loves hanging out in the backyard, digging in the mud and coming back in the house with leaves, twigs and mud intertwined in her beautiful, ruby fur coat.  I swore I was never going to trim her but I’ve had to reconsider.  First I tried just trimming her feet to get rid of her hairy, polar bear toes…..but it just wasn’t enough.  To top it off, she has managed to get huge matts in her ears and belly from gardening.

To make the process less traumatic, I hired a mobile groomer to come to our house so that I could be part of the process and make sure Tilly wasn’t too stressed out.  I was picturing a mobile grooming van pulling up on our driveway….but I got a Goth, heavily chained and pierced groomer who showed up an hour late with just her clippers, scissors and Hartz pet shampoo from Dollarama. I was so tempted to just say thanks but no thanks but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment with another groomer for several weeks and I just couldn’t take the mess any more.  She did an ok job but I insisted that she use our high quality shampoo and creme rinse.  Not only did I pay about the same I would have paid at a groomer’s shop but I was left with all the mess to clean up.

All things considered, I guess I am grateful that the first grooming was done in the comfort of our home but next time she is going to the puppy beauty salon….no more Goth groomer for us.


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3 responses to “Before and After Look

  1. boomerkid

    hahahaa..only thing I miss are the gorgeous ears!!

    I tried a mobile-groomer once…she brought her 2 dogs with her, assuring me all the while how trained they were….one pooped behind my chair in the livingroom..the other went in the bedroom while I was assuring my pup that he would survive the grooming…me too! NEVER AGAIN!

  2. Sue

    OMG Debs…..what a mess to contend with, yikes! Must admit, Tilly does look pretty cute with the haircut!

  3. Gosh Deb, I’ve just come across this when I came in to congratulate Wally on his blood donor history and retirement.
    What a hoot. Tilly looks quite unashamed of her appearance but no doubt feels a whole lot better with all that coat off. I love the feel when they are newly clipped off and snuggly like a little lamb.

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