Golf anyone?

Tilly just loves this golf ball.  She will chase it around the house and then run up stairs and watch it bounce down the stairs.  My only concerns is that Wally or Tango could get  a hold of it and choke on it (like Oprah’s beautiful golden did when she played with the Cocker spaniel’s small ball).  Tilly only gets to play with it when I can supervise everyone.


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5 responses to “Golf anyone?

  1. Sue

    Hey Debs…I read somewhere a long while ago that dogs of any type of size should NEVER play with golf balls as their core is actually quite poisonous to them and could kill them if the ball was “opened” so to say, SCRAP THE GOLFBALLS and go with something doggy -safe…let’s not take any chances…it’s just not worth it…

  2. I luv the photo and Tilly is stunning, as much as my Kirra is 🙂

  3. Agreed – Tilly is just gorgeous! I haven’t checked your blog for months now. She’s growing up. How old is she now? Parker, our Ruby Cavalier, is almost two.

  4. Regarding the golf balls, Parker loves smaller tennis balls. He even plays fetch, which he doesn’t typically do.

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