Big Puppy!!!

We spent another wonderful day at Patty’s acreage with all the dogs. It was great to walk the property without trudging through thigh deep snow…..but…..the damn mosquitos were crazy.  I’ve never seen so many in my life.  We had to bathe our entire bodies in deep woods off to keep from getting eaten alive.  There were so many that you could hear a loud hum.  The City is saying that we are experiencing the worst mosquito infestation ever in recorded history.  The annoying part is that this variety is out in full force during the hottest part of the day. Poor Hope got so many bites on her pretty, black face that she was all swollen and itchy.  She must have an allergy to them.

Even with all the skeeters we had a wonderful time.  Tilly got to meet a horse up close and personal…..I think the horse enjoyed it more than she did.

Wally managed to roll in everything stinky and disgusting that he could find. His beautiful golden coat took on a greenish patina from all the poop he ground into it.  We left the big dogs outside in the dog run so that they could dry off.  Tango managed to squish her fat head through the gate and got herself stuck.  Thank goodness my “mommy” instincts kicked in and I decided that I needed to check on the kids so we were able to free her before any damage was done.   It took two baths to get the green tinge and disgusting smell out of Wally’s coat.

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