Provincial Mock Search

Team Tango are in southern Alberta  participating in a provincial mock search.  Both ground pounders (people) and dog search groups work together on different wilderness profiles to practice their skills and working with one another.  The scenario for Saturday’s morning was to search was for a missing 30 year old woman with her 19 month old baby.  All of the various search teams headed off looking for the pair. Team Tango left the base camp around 11am. First Tango found an abandoned campsite with some clothing followed by a pen  sitting on a mound of snow.  Around noon Tango starting indicating that she detected another human scent and headed off in pursuit with Don following closely behind her.  We are proud to say that Team Tango found the missing pair.  As is her custom, she has to give everyone a very enthusiastic face wash….and she was particularly interested in the baby in the back pack.  She keep going up on her hind legs to get a sniff. Needless to say Don was thrilled with her performance and she was rewarded with playtime with her favourite ball.


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3 responses to “Provincial Mock Search

  1. Nancy M

    So, Don. Looks like there’s a lot of deep snow there. Remember that day of training when I told you that some day you’d appreciate me sending you off to search in deep snow? : ) Has that day arrived??? Or are you still holding a grudge…
    (Great work, Team Tango!)

  2. Sue

    Yeah Team Tango!!!!

  3. Shell

    That is so amazing! Way to go team!!

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