Happy Birthday Ebony

Today is Ebony’s 4th birthday.  She and her partner Sam have formed an amazing working team.  It was wonderful to hear how much she assists him at work and in his day to day life.  It was always so hard to say goodbye to a foster puppy but it was especially hard to say goodbye to Ebony.  We had an incredible bond.  She was so easy to train and she loved to work and please me.

I always worried about my foster puppies’ future.  You hope they are going to be teamed up with someone who will love them and much as you do.  Well I certainly don’t have to worry about Ebony’s life.  She lives in the most beautiful home (my dream home), on a large acreage with a lake to swim in.  She’s got a puppy housemate named Bear that she can play with when she is not working.  Sam and his family obviously love her very much and my heart is at peace when I see them together.

Here’s a picture of my handsome boy Wally (Ebony’s Dad) with Sam and Ebony.  Look at that amazing view in the background.  You will notice that Wally managed to find the one pile of donkey poop on the property.  My boy has never met a pile of poop that he didn’t want to roll in.  Stinky or not,  I still love him.


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Ebony

  1. Sue

    Wow, what a view!!!!! Ebony sure looks at home with Sam….you can’t hide that kind of happiness…..

  2. Teresa Sutherland

    I have had the privilege of knowing Sam for years. He is an incredible man who has proven to many of us that disability is simply a word, not a life style. With Ebony by his side, Sam continues to challenge himself and others to live life to the fullest.

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