Who let the dogs out?

Well we finally had a nice weekend without tons of new snow or freezing temperatures.  We celebrated by meeting out at Patty’s house with all of the dogs (Wally, Tango, Tilly, Hope and Bentley).   The gang went for a walk in the waist deep snow desperately trying to keep to the narrow track for fear of getting stuck in the deep stuff.  At some points the snow was so deep that the dogs looked like they were dog paddling in water to keep from sinking into the snow.  Of course Wally found a pile of horse/cow poop to roll in and all the dogs had their fare share of “meadow muffins” to eat.  The wind was incredible but at least it was a couple of degrees above zero so it wasn’t bad.


Filed under Foster Puppies, Tango, Tilly, Wally

2 responses to “Who let the dogs out?

  1. Marsha

    It’s been ages since I have seen Bentley! I’m glad you had a great time!!!

  2. Niece Lisa

    I love ❤ the photo of Uncle Don with Tilley! 🙂 Looks like you had a fun weekend with the dogs! 🙂

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