31km on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!  We decided to celebrate our country’s birthday today by going for a 31KM walk…not really…..it just happened to coincide with our training calendar.   I can’t believe that I actually speed walked for 31kms and lived to blog about it.  This is the longest distance I have ever tackled and I’m now thinking that maybe, just maybe,  I might actually be able to complete the Derby Marathon in August.

We left the house at 6am and it was a comfortable 14 degrees celcius with a light breeze.  By the 20KM mark it was cold, windy and pouring rain.  We actually completed the last 11kms that way hence the lovely photograph.  We had to strip out of our soaking wet clothes at the front door.  Don headed for a long, hot shower and I jumped into the hot tub to try and warm up.  We are both suffering from numerous, giant blisters but darn it…….”I feel good


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3 responses to “31km on Canada Day

  1. Sue

    damn woman, I gotta hand it to you….reminds me of the days of “Miles for Millions” when we used to do the 28 MILE walk…I feel for your girl!!!!! Makes me feel like I want to jump in our Hot Tub for you in sympathy but it’s broken now and nobody coming out til tomorrow….KUDDOS KIDDO….maybe you can jog on down to Ontario one of these days!!!!

  2. brenda

    I’m truly impressed cuz! You look fabulous, and it is so nice to see photos of you, in addition to those of Don and the dogs. Well done!

    Hey, are you feasting on your Frog’s legs shallots yet? We have spent the last 3 days harvesting and processing garlic and shallots. The hay barn is full to the rafters w/drying cloves. Lucky us.

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