Wildroses Women’s Half Marathon

This morning I completed my 3rd half marathon.  It was a women’s only race so it was the first race that I have done without Don by my side and none of my walking buddies signed up so I was flying solo.  I started out walking with a really nice lady that used to run marathons but a knee injury had forced her to turn to walking shorter races.  She was great company but her pace was a full minute faster than mine.  I kept up with her for 4km but I had to say goodbye and slow down to a more comfortable pace for me.  I finished the race in 3:01:58 which is my best time but the real shocker was that I finished 5th overall and 2nd in my age group so I got a medal.  Yipppeeee for me.  Of course there were only 25-30 walkers so when you put it in perspective I was just lucky.


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5 responses to “Wildroses Women’s Half Marathon

  1. Shell

    That is absolutely amazing! Congratulations!! xox

  2. Bonita Ubell

    An inspiration! You look wonderful!!!

  3. Andrea Ubell

    Congratulations Debbie! A friend of mine would have been walking with you today…Michelle Ivey? Ring any bells? Not sure if she was walking this year or not but she has every year for the past several. Hope you had a great time…I enjoy reading your Blog!

  4. Sue

    No, you did great….congratulations on your win!!!!!

  5. Susan

    Congratulations Debbie!! You are a hero to me and always an inspiration.

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