Happy Birthday Don!!

Look at this face…..what a cutey. It is hard to believe that the skinny guy is 60 today…..gosh that sounds so old. When I think of someone who is 60 I get the image of a senior citizen…..that’s not Don.   He’s still a lean, mean machine.   No one believes him when he tells them his age.   We are going to the Hardware Grill for dinner with Susan and David.   I’ve never been there before but it has very high ratings from customers and critics.

Happy Birthday DAD from the 2 and 4-legged kids!!


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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Don!!

  1. Chris Taylor

    Happy 60th Don……….pension time!!!!

  2. Susan

    Happy Birthday Don! Wishing you a day as full of happiness as your face looks in the picture.

  3. Rachel

    My mom and dad love that restaurant! Have a great birthday Don!

    -The Pihrags.

  4. Marsha

    Hope you had a GREAT dinner @ the HW Grill. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Sue

    Happy b-day fellow Taurus! Hope you both have a wonderful time tonight at the Grill, we will toast to your continues good health…..Cheers Lou & Sue and our 4-legged kids, woof, woof

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