New puppy toy

I know my ‘kids’ have a ton of toys already but I couldn’t resist buying this one.  It is a giant yellow and green crocodile with 16 squeakers in it.  There is nothing Wally and Tango love more than a stuffed toy with a squeaker….but 16 of them… that is a toy! It was a big hit with all 3 dogs.  So far they have only killed one squeaker… holes, no missing appendages and it is still fully stuffed.


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3 responses to “New puppy toy

  1. Sofia

    Watching Tilly roughing up that new toy…lol…she’s quite the rough-tough-creampuff..isn’t she?…hehe

    that’s quite the toy…Joey would really LOVE that too…he like big toys…but they have to be soft,like that one!

  2. Sue

    Wally is such a handsome boy!!!!….Love the Video, far too cute! Where did you get the alligator? I have never seen one like that, my 3 clowns would love one of those as well! (though I don’t think it would last very long with Wyly)….LOvE the daily updates!!!

  3. Arlene

    Hi there. I have come across your blog because of the Tango tag. I think your dogs are very cute. Though I am not so sure if they really like being dressed up for the holidays!
    In any event, I went to a dog exhibition where they take troublesome dogs and retrain them. The dogs were amazing and seemed very happy. The man was East Sussex’s version of The Dog Whisperer. I learned 2 important things (I used to have a dog and may well have another): Use a bit of garden hose instead of a stick to throw for them as the hose is bendy and the stick could actually hurt them if they bump into anything or trip over themselves (I have seen this happen!), and DON’T give them squeaky toys. Apparently dogs don’t like the squeak and it makes them crazy and want to kill whatever is squeaking. It might be entertaining for us to watch them destroy a squeaking toy, as they are using their instincts to do that, but apparently it isn’t a great idea. That is probably why a lot of little kids get get attacked by dogsm they make the wrong noise. Your dogs were obviously doing what comes naturally. Kinda what my cat does to mice! 🙂 Something to think about eh?
    Look forward to seeing more of your dogs and their antics. All the best.

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