A dog house morning

I love weekend mornings. I’m always the first 2 legged member of the family to wake up. As soon as I am starting to stir Tango is right there waiting to say good morning. I just need to snap my fingers or whisper ‘OK’ and she is on the bed in a microsecond.  She loves her morning cuddles and she is so anxious to plant a kiss on my face that I often end up with a french kiss.  Wally is more like Don…..not a morning person. It takes him a while to stretch and slowly come to consciousness and then as he approaches the bed you can hear the loud thumping of his tail against the mattress. Wally is a ‘spooner’…..he just loves to mould his body to mine and snuggle in close.  Our little Tilly prefers to get as close to your face as possible.  She will sleep draped across my neck or mouth.

If I get up for a potty break, by the time I come back Tilly has staked a claim on Don’s neck and the big ‘kids’have taken over my side of the bed.

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One response to “A dog house morning

  1. Sue

    Looks a lot like mornings around our place!!! LOVE IT!!!! Wally plays the part of Wyly, Tango plays the part of Sheena and Tilly plays the part of Lexi……I am sooooo glad that it seems to be the norm amongst pet lovers! Hope Don had a fantastic b-day and cheers to many more …….. hugs always!

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