Pets on Quilts Blog Hop

Today I am joining the 2014 Pets on Quilts blog hop. Tilly loves to “help” by sitting in the middle of any and every quilt that I try to hand sew the binding on. She is so darn cute and flirty when she does it that I don’t have the heart to kick her off. Here are just a few of the many quilts her hairy, little body has graced.




She even likes to “help” with the piecing:

How can I sew with her cute face in front of the needle

How can I sew with her cute face in front of the needle

Wally and Tango thought they should  be included in the blog hop too:


Linking up to the Pets on Quilts blog hop at Lily Pad Quilts


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15 responses to “Pets on Quilts Blog Hop

  1. Oh my goodness – Tilly really IS flirty! That first photo cracks me up. The others pictures are all wonderful too! What a great thing it must be to hang out at your home!

  2. What a cutie pieTilly is! You are truly blessed

  3. Dana Gaffney

    Beautiful babies although it looks like Tilly is the queen of the hours.

  4. beautiful for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have some beautiful pictures!

  5. Sue

    she looks quite comfy in “Sue’s Summer Breeze”……great pics!

  6. Lovely to meet your furry family. Great to see that all quilts from your house are fully tested before the binding has finished being applied 🙂

  7. I love all the poses on your quilts…so sweet! You have beautiful quilts and dogs!

  8. What a little snuggler!

  9. What a little ham! Your furry family members are a beautiful threesome!!

  10. What a great furry family you have, they are all winners. Hugs, Susie x

  11. Tina

    It’s always to nice to see someone allowing all their furry creatures on the quilts! Beautiful all of them!

  12. Loris Mills

    You can see who rules the roost here 🙂

  13. DebV

    Love Tilly’s “bad hair day” photos. So cute with it sticking straight up in the air

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