Wally & Bella: Family Reunion

Way back in October 2003, when he was only 2-1/2, Wally’s first litter of puppies were born.  There were 12 beautiful, pure bred Golden Retrievers.  I was drawn to one of them immediately because she was a lovely dark red/golden colour like her Dad.  I named her Bella and I was lucky to foster her until she was 6 months old.



Father and daughter snuggle time


Play time!!

The last time I saw Bella was when she was 2 years old but Wally has not seen her since she left us in April of 2004.  That was until now.  Wally is 14 years old and Bella is 11-1/2.  They took one sniff of each other and it was like they were long time buddies.  Bella is a little slow moving and has some trouble with stairs but the two of them ran around and played like puppies.  It was so wonderful to watch.


Beautiful Bella and her handsome Dad Wally

WallyBella2015-2 WallyBella2015-3 WallyBella2015-4

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3 responses to “Wally & Bella: Family Reunion

  1. What a sweet reunion! So glad they could meet again after so long!

  2. For dogs and their human families – that has got to be one of the best moments ever. What a blessing.

  3. Sue


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