Riley Blake Challenge

Last year Riley Blake Designs got together with the Modern Quilt Guild and challenged members to take a bundle of 6 fat eighths and make something out of them.   Your project had to be completed by Feb 17th to qualify.  You could use anywhere from 1 to all 6 of the fabrics and combine them with any other Riley Blake print or a solid fabric from your stash.    I put my name into the challenge and my fabrics arrived in late September.   When I opened the package I was hoping that I would immediately be inspired.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  I had no idea what I would do with the fabrics.


I put my package aside and completely forgot about it.  Fast forward to Valentines day and I saw the package sitting on my cutting table.  Now what???  3 days to design, cut, piece, quilt and bind my project.  Yikes!   I decided that I was going to make a pillow in the style of a quilt, using batting to give the pillow top dimension when it was quilted and having binding on the edges.  I laid the fabrics out and just started cutting odd shapes and sewing them back together.

pillow_piecing1 pillow_cut1

It took a couple of hours but I had the pillow top completed and ready for quilting.  I decided to use a stiff, iron on batting to give the pillow some shape and structure.  Since I was going to do mostly straight line quilting I decided to just use my domestic machine rather than my longarm.  Dumb decision.  By the time I was finished my shoulders were killing me and I had a mountain of threads to pull through to the back and tie off.  It didn’t help that Tilly insisted on helping me quilt by standing on top of the fabric as I was trying to move it.


It took me a couple of hours to clean up the  pillow top and then a few more hours to sew on the binding and then hand sew it onto the back of the pillow.  All things considered I am pretty happy with the final project.  Is it a modern quilting masterpiece?  Nah….but for my first attempt at just winging not only the piecing but the quilting……I’m content with the final outcome.


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