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Lucy’s Journey

Through Lucy’s Eye

In 2021 I made this art quilt of Lucy and I entered it into the Canadian Quilters Association (CQA) national juried show. I was thrilled to learn that it was juried into the 2021 CQA Show. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the in-person show was cancelled and replaced with a virtual show so I never got the opportunity to see it hang on the show floor.

This summer I received at email from CQA informing me that they were compiling a selection of juried entries into a “Best of Quilting in Canada”collection and they wanted to include my piece. The quilts would be exhibited in the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) in Lowell, Massachusetts, from January 17 to May 9, 2023. Needless to say, I was shocked and thrilled.

All of the selected quilts are also featured in the 2023 spring edition of Canadian Quilters Magazine.

Those who know me well know that the 5 years that I was blessed to be able to volunteer at the zoo were very special to me. Of course my favourite was Lucy. She has captured my heart and soul. The only reason I made this piece was so that I could see her face and soulful eyes everyday because COVID brought an abrupt and heartbreaking end to my time at the zoo.

If anyone knows someone who lives near the museum I can’t tell you how special it would be to have a picture of her hanging in the exhibit.

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CQA Exciting News

Today I got the most exciting email:

“Dear Deborah

On behalf of the CQA/ACC Board of Directors, I am pleased to inform you that your entry, Through Lucy’s Eye has been accepted into the virtual National Juried Show (NJS).”

An art quilt I made of Lucy was juried into the 2021 Canadian Quilters Association National Juried Show. Last year, a quilt I made of Spirit was juried into the show that was supposed to be hosted in Edmonton. Unfortunately it was cancelled because of COVID-19. They carried forward last year’s juried entries so that means two of my quilts will be in this year’s show.

I am not allowed to post any public pictures just in case they may be seen by one of the judges.

2021 NJS – List of Quilters With Accepted Quilts

Jennifer Adam

Jo Allbutt

Sharon Allman

Terry Aske

Ilene Atkins

Lija Bane

Judy Barnett

Janet Bedford

Emilie Belak

Lise Belanger

Melissa Bieman

Pat Borecky

Wilma Brock

Natasha Bugarin

Peter Byrne

Sabrina Capune

Kim Caskey

Elaine Cawadias

Leanne Chahley

Michele-Renee Charbonneau

Marilyn Cleven

Marsha Cochrane

Chriss Coleman

Deanna Corrigan

Lorna Costantini

Trudy Cowan

Linda  Crouch

Deborah Csongradi

Millie Cumming

Patricia Dance

Sonia Darby

Brenda Davidson Payer

Shirley Dawson

Alison Dean Cowitz

Katherine Dossman

Colette Dumont

Joan Dupuis-Neal

Christine Earl

Debi Edwards

Donna Edwards

Georgette Ehr

Faiza Elmayergi

Tannis Fahlman

Leslie Forbes

Therese Fowell

Cheryl Fuhrer

Helen Fujiki

Judy Garden

Laura Gates

Laurrie Gerzanich

Brenda Godin

Victoria Gray

Marianne Haak

Jan Hall

Shirley Hauck

Lynda Hutchison

Margaret Inkster

Mary Jo Jensen-Birnie

Margaret Jessop

Karen Johnson

Ruth Jones

Joan Kilpatrick

Sue Klym

Reina Lamothe

Judy Leslie

Susan Lett

Tish Leupen

Kelly Levant

Kathy Logan de Chavez

Mary Lorenz

Joanne Love

Wanda  Lumsden

Susan Madu

Fuzzy Mall

Melissa Marginet

Lynda Mariani

Beverly Marsh

Tracie L. Maryne

Regina  Marzlin

Tuddy (Ellen) Mathieson

Jennifer May

Elizabeth McDowell Heagy

Melissa McIntosh

Holly McLean

Sandra  Melnik

Diane Merrithew

Janet Mireault

Jane Monchak

Patti Morris

Kim Mullen

Diana Mulvaney

Roxanne Nelson

Margaret Notar

Bridget O’Flaherty

Tatiana Oleychenko

Stacey O’Malley

Angela  Pachal

Dianne  Papp

Chris Perren

Katie Pidgeon

Noelle Piegsa

Janet Reader Day

Restoule Quilters

Pat Reynolds

Theodora Rijkhoff

Terry Rowland

Anne Ruhl

Carol Russell

Sandra  Sandvik

Katie Stein Sather

Pearl Sceviour

Linda Schmidt

Anne Selder

Lorna Shapiro

Sue Sherman

Sandy Simmelink

Marlene Speed

Adriana (Arja) Speelman

Bill Stearman

Joy Takahashi

Susan Teece

Cheryl Thomson

Kathryn Upitis

Ineke Van Gent

Susan van Goethem

Elizabeth van Wyngaarden

Maggie Vanderweit

France  Vannobel

Brigitte Villeneuve

Barb Virtue

Tella Visconti

Sandra Wald

Mariya Waters

Jim Wilford

Debbie Winn

Maureen Wood

Brandon Wulff

Bernadette Yuzik

Philippa Zapf

Velta Zvidris

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