Week 7 Unity Update

Well this week we took the 272 half square triangles we made last week and added a bunch of 2-1/2 inch squares to build 34 8-1/2 pinwheel blocks to add to our quilt. It now measures 80.5 x 72.5

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Week 6 Unity Update

This week Bonnie Hunter took pity on us, sort of. When I started reading the instructions, I gasped out load when I read that we had to make 272 half square triangles. The good news is that we aren’t making any blocks with these HSTs until next week.


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Tower Garden Update

I was so shocked today to discover my first tumbler tomato. It has only been 7.5 weeks from seeding. So far I am really pleased with my tower. I guess the real proof will come when I can taste it.

If nothing else, it is amazing for producing all kinds of greens and herbs. We have an abundance of delicious goodies to choose from each day.

I just noticed that I’ve also got a couple of tiny yellow beans. I guess my attempts at acting like a pollinating 🐝 have been successful.

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Week 5 of Unity

This week’s instructions were so much quicker to complete. The quilt is now changing from square to more rectangular. I should have worked more slowly because now I have to help sand and paint the deck until the next clue is released on Monday. 😉😂😫

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You VS 2020 April Update

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Outfit Of Shame

This very, very bad dog went for a dip in the stinky, dirty pond/run off this morning. He is lucky he came home still alive. After his 3rd bath in less than a week, I couldn’t find his drying suit so he had to wear Spirit’s. Do you think he looks appropriately embarrassed?

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Unity Week 4

Bonnie Hunter took pity on this week and gave us a bigger block but we had to make 32 of them. Each block was made up of 8 half square triangles (HST) and one plain square. That meant we had to make 256 HST….yikes! Being the lazy quilter that I am, I chose a technique that allowed me to make 8 at a time.

I had lots of trimming to do to square each one to 2-1/2 inches. It took me 5 days to complete this week’s blocks and attach them.

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