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The beauty of winter

I can’t say that I am a big fan of winter, but sometimes I just have to stop and appreciate the beauty.   We live in the prairies so we normally have very low humidity.  For the last several days we have had lots of fog and hoar frost.  Each day the frost gets thicker and thicker.  Here are just a few pictures I took of the amazing ice crystals:




Diablo Ninebark flower cluster


Hydrangea bloom


Rose hips


Rose hip cluster


Jackmanii clematis bloom


And last but not least,  hoar frost on my big girl Spirit during our walk this morning.  She looks like she has giant white eyebrows.


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Finally Summer

It’s the 20th of July and I can finally say that summer has arrived.  We had a week of hot temperatures and then rain and drizzle for several days.  I had a real shock when I stepped out into the garden this morning and saw how much everything has grown and matured.  It’s amazing what a little bit of mother natures moisture does for the garden.  Our sour cherry tree is just loaded with fruit.  I don’t mind sharing with the birds but it ticks me off when they just take a bite out of one and then move on to another, and another.


 Last year I bought a small Meyer Lemon bush.  It had tons of blooms and even produced a dozen or so small lemons .  I brought it into the house in September and kept it in a south facing window all winter.   I was thrilled to see that the little fruit continued to grow slowly over the winter.  I moved it back outside in mid June and now the fruit are big, beautiful and starting to turn yellow.   It is producing new leaves and it looks like it may have a few flowers soon.  Hopefully it will have enough time to set some fruit again.


It seems like all the summer flowering perennials have burst into bloom and the annuals are really showing off to try and compete.

Petunias DelphinPond rasp yellow


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Doesn’t Mother Nature have a wonderful sense of humor? NOT!!!!!! It is Good Friday, April 18th and they are forecasting up to 15-20cm of the white stuff.


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Vermin composting

It’s official. I have my first worm composting bin with a handful of red wigglers ready to chow down.



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Winter Surprise


It had to happen some time.  We had our first snowfall last night.  We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland.  I don’t like the cold but I have to admit it is pretty.  The bad news is that I have to drive to the opposite end of the city for a longarm class this morning……yikes the roads are going to be scary!!!

snow1 snow2 snow3 snow4

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Mother Nature’s Cruel Joke

Would you believe that less than 10 hours ago our yard was virtually snow free……look at it now. Mother Nature definitely has a sense of humour.  It is just so beautiful but the heavy, wet snow is causing havoc in Edmonton.  Trees are falling down and taking out power lines all over the city.  I’m glad I have today off so that I could go around the yard and shake/shovel the snow off all my shrubs and trees to prevent them from getting damaged.  The dogs are loving it!!

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They’ve hatched

Our latest batch of robins have hatched.  I’ve been away this week so I am not sure what day they were born but they look pretty big already.  I think I can see 3 beaks in the first picture. Mom and Dad are busy running back and forth with food for their hatchlings.  I’ll have to get Don to crawl up the ladder and see if he can get a better picture without disturbing the family.

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