One heck of a storm

I thought we had made some progress with Tango and thunderstorms but we have taken one heck of a step backwards tonight.  I wasn’t sure if our house was going to remain standing.  The rain and hail were coming down so hard and so fast that it was moving horizontally and driving towards our windows.  At the peak I thought for sure I was going to hear glass breaking.  The wind was so strong that it picked up our deck umbrella, inflated it and sailed it across the back of the house.  The eavestrough and down spouts were so overwhelmed with the volume that it just poured out like huge waterfalls.  When I thought the worst of it was over there was a huge bolt of lighting and all of a sudden our stereo turned itself on and the volume was at the maximum….how weird is that???  Poor Tango was just crouched low to the ground looking for somewhere to hide.  When the hail stopped I grabbed my video camera and got these pictures of the damage to my garden and the huge piles of hail.


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3 responses to “One heck of a storm

  1. Sue

    OMG!!!! That’s awful! How are the fish? We had some friends out playing in a ball tourny in Leduc and they said it was one hell of a storm. We got some of it at the cottage but it did not come as far down as the house. How are the flowers making out, they strive to make a comeback. We had a hell of a storm here today, walls of water and the street was flooded….all’s fine now though. What a bitch about the hail though…man oh man!!!!

  2. Shell

    Wow, what an unbelievable storm! Hope the fish are okay and that Tango got over her fright. We had crazy rain out our way yesterday when driving home from t.o. with a little thunder and lightning but nothing at all like what you had.

  3. Marsha

    Tango wasn’t the only one looking for a place to hide!!! I don’t like thunder storms, never have. In my end of town we got the sideways rain, but thankfully no hail. I don’t think I have ever seen such a bad storm. Hopefully your garden recovers.

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