The morning after….the night before

It is 6am and I am trying to survey the damage.  It is still a little dark, more rain and storms today.  I can’t believe that there is still tons of hail on the ground 10 hours after the storm hit.  I braved the mosquitos this morning to video some of the damage and the left over hail.

Update:  I came home at lunch to get a good look at the yard. I can’t believe how much hail is still in our yard almost 16 hours later. Our deck faces south and the current temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and yet there is still a layer of hail on my plants. It is so overwhelming and disheartening to see the damage. In Alberta, our summers are very short so you put a lot of effort into your garden and planters to enjoy a connection with nature…no matter how short the season is. To see all the blossoms and leaves lying on the ground and what leaves are left on the plants are sliced and full of holes, it is heartbreaking.

I guess it is important to remember that there is always a positive side to everything. We are all fine and other than damage to the shingles our house is still standing and protecting us. We are blessed.

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