Loud mouth frog – update

Since the day I published my blog entry about the boreal chorus frog who took up residence in our pond……we haven’t heard a ribbit from him.  l’ve been overwhelmed with a sense of guilt and regret for wishing that he would go away…even if it meant that a predator got him.  I tried to soothe my mounting guilt by thinking that maybe he didn’t become someone’s midnight snack…..maybe he found a mate so he didn’t have to advertise any more.  As the days passed I almost wished that I would hear that annoying sound again.  Well…….I am pleased to say that as of last night….and I mean all last night….he’s baaaack!!!  As I type this post in my den, I can hear him begin his afternoon serenade. Welcome back Loud Mouth Frog! I will try my best not to think bad thoughts as I lie awake listening to your “1-800-Find-a-mate” calls in the middle of the night.

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