Thank You Chris

We have the most wonderful and generous neighbour. We both have pie shaped lots with very small front yards so whenever I mow our lawn I just do our neighbours as well and when we have big dumps of snow we help shovel her driveway. No big deal just being neighbourly. She started sharing her lovely home cooked Chinese dinners. She was so thrilled that we enjoyed her food that she started feeding us every Friday. As grateful as we are, we have been trying to get her to stop feeding us. Groceries are so expensive now and a weekly mow or occasional snow shovelling doesn’t warrant weekly meals. Finally last week we got her to agree to only once a month.

I still felt that we needed to thank her for her generosity so I asked her what her favourite colours were. Soft blue, black and white. I made this lap quilt to show her how grateful we are.


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  1. sue

    what a beautiful gift!!!!!

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