Meet Tilly

We had a lovely drive up to Cold Lake to meet the puppies.   When we got there the breeder said that she had a puppy in mind that she thought would be perfect for us.  She is from the first litter born on December 22nd and she is identified by the red collar.  She brought her out to us and of course it was love at first sight.  Look at that face… she not smoochable????

She has the cutest little sliver of a white patch on the bridge of her nose and on her forehead (which probably will go away as she matures….too bad!) and look at that white chin.  She is quite the little snuggle bunny and gives great french kisses.

We hope to go back to Cold Lake in a couple of weeks and bring her home.  Hopefully it will be perfect timing so that Chris and Michelle can meet her while they are here visiting us.

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  1. Sofia

    That’s got to be the sweetest face ever!!!

    Infant’s & puppies….the most adorable creatures!!

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